[July 25] A concert of live electroacoustic music by BEEP

The Boyer Electroacoustic Ensemble Project (BEEP) will perform a concert of works using live computer processing. The music will feature found objects, video games, and the sounds of NASA. BEEP is a group for electroacoustic music creation in a collaborative environment based in Philadelphia at Temple University, directed by Adam...

[July 3-20] Extended until July 30th Bird Song Diamond by Victoria Vesna and Charles Taylor

    Bird Song Diamond is an interactive installation based on long-term research (2011-present) allowing multifaceted, interdisciplinary perspectives — uniquely connecting the nodes of evolutionary biology, artificial intelligence, spatial sound, mechatronic art and interactive technologies. The diamond as a crystal lattice of connected nodes reflects the commitment of each node...

[July 23,24,25] Quantum Consciousness
 by Dr Paul Thomas and Kevin Raxworthy

Quantum Consciousness:
 A visual/sonic installation that immerses the viewer in quantum phenomenon. A Sound, Image and Data Conference Event in partnership with Operational and Curatorial Research in Contemporary Art, Design, Science and Technology (OCR) and New York University.     The project creates an aesthetic experience that places the viewer...

[July 21] Introducing the XTH Sense: Create & Play Music from the Inaudible Sounds of Your Inner Body by Heidi Boisvert

    XTH, makers of open biotechnologies for creative expression, presents an exclusive preview of the world’s first biowearable musical instrument, the XTH Sense. Come learn about the unique features and diverse applications of the XTH Sense and try one on to explore your own unique musical signature.    ...


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