[Oct 23-25] Andrew Demirjian: I Tremble with Anticipation


I Tremble With Anticipation is a poetic experimental film made from a database of over 500 subtitled still images of foreign language movies.. The work features meticulously selected frames that are orchestrated into a narrative, juxtaposing gesture, light and setting, creating a new dialog across films.. Instead of “moving images” the piece is moving sounds across the three-dimensional listening field with an immersive 5.1 soundtrack written by the filmmaker.

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[Nov 7/9] Timothy Fodness: Spacemen Waving at the Camera


In this 5.1 surround sound album, recorded prose is combined with sonic landscapes in an attempt to create an experience somewhere between reading a book and going to the movies. Twelve written pieces arrived at through automatic writing, journaling, and dream re-interpretation move through worlds blending modular synthesis, sound design, sampling, homemade instruments, and field recordings in order to crossfade listeners between real and surreal settings.

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