[Aug 22 - Sep 12] Algorithmic Art I: 2D Interactive Composition and Animation


This 3-week ONLINE COURSE is a hands-on introduction to algorithmic art. Using openframeworks, participants will learn how to create form, color, texture, and movement with mathematical functions and algorithms. But far from a math class, participants will be invited to experience functions as different brush strokes on a canvas, and algorithms as different creative processes, each evoking a different feeling.

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[Aug 18-22] Andrea Parkins: Three Rooms in the Memory Palace – Pt.1

Andrea Parkins

“Three Rooms In The Memory Palace”, composed by Andrea Parkins, is a 3-part electroacoustic work, combining audio installation with live performance, and reflecting the artist’s ongoing exploration of poetic interrelationships between physical/acoustical spaces, objects, gesture and memory. Harvestworks presents ” Three Rooms…, Part 1,” an 8-channel site- determined installation, diffused through adjacent acoustical spaces that sonically respond in real-time interaction.

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[Aug 29-31] Unconquered Earth


Unconquered Earth is an interactive installation, in which observers personally experience the seismic destruction our planet is capable of. This installation displays the earth’s most destructive as well as current earthquakes, using an interactive globe, visualized data, and an audio-visual experience which responds to the destruction. It serves as a dialogue between human and nature—the constant struggle against a force beyond our control.

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