Calendar For the 2019 New York Electronic Art Festival

Saturday May 25th The opening concert, programmed for Harvestworks by Allison Tantakarn,  will feature Mario Diaz De Leon, Colin Marston, and Lea Bertucci each performing sonic pieces that reflect the diversity, intensity, and creativity of the Harvestworks community of makers. Tickets: $15 Location: 22 Boreum Place Brooklyn NY.  June 1 – Aug 11: Physical and Digital:… Continue reading

[July 5] Flâneuse>La caminanta SoundWalk

Flâneuse>La caminanta is a video documentary edited as a VR (virtual reality), using a 360-degree camera to document soundwalks of female participants in the public space. The title emphasizes a missing word in the French and Spanish language of women as wanderers. Sound walk on First Friday July 5th @… Continue reading