[July 8,15,22] Harvestworks presents artists from the 2015 New York Electronic Art Festival in the Times Square Crossroads Series

    Harvestworks presents artists from the 2015 New York Electronic Art Festival performing in the Times Square Crossroads Series.  Presented in partnership with the Times Square Alliance. Artists include Victoria Vesna and Charles Taylor with the ArtSci Collective on Wednesday July 8th, Bubblyfish aka Haeyoung Kim on Wednesday July...

[July 6] Bringing the Power of the Internet to MaxMSP by Michael Sperone

  There is a wealth of data on the internet, this workshop will introduce you to different ways to access that data – from simple http requests to web scraping.  We will start with internet protocol basics – what information is transmitted when you visit a webpage – and how...

[July 7] Max/MSP as an Extension of the Acoustic Instrument by Mike Sperone

Acoustic instruments discovered an array of new techniques in the 20th century, expanding their sonic possibilities. As acoustic and electronic interaction has become increasingly sophisticated it is pushing into the realm of “extended techniques,” but only when treated as such. This course uses MaxMSP to discuss performative systems that are...

[July 8 – July 9] CONNECTING THINGS WITH MAX/MSP/Jitter by Daniel Belquer

  Do you have a project that you want to produce using intermedia features? Do you want to make use of lights, videos, sounds or sensors and don’t know where to start? Perhaps you heard about Max/MSP and want to dig it a little further? No worries! Come to our...


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