[Dec 8 – Jan 23] Daniel Temkin: Light Pattern


Daniel Temkin’s Light Pattern is a language where the programmer communicates with the machine through photos. The source code, rather than appearing as text (perhaps of the “goto 10″ variety) is encoded in changes in color and exposure from one image to the next. In a daily photo practice, Temkin attempts to communicate with the machine by producing images according to the specifications of the compiler.

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[Dec 8/10/17 Jan 7/14/21] Philip White 7.1 mix of new album Documents


Philip White has created a 7.1 mix of “20140704-15 A Night in Tunisia” from his new album on Infrequent Seams Documents. It is a piece about intuition and the recursive influences inherent in memory. I subject the recording to a a series of processes through which I derive musical information (harmonic, melodic, timbral, rhythmic, formal, etc). That information drives a set of voltage controlled amplifiers tied into a non-linear feedback system, influencing the behavior of the system and leaving a shadow of the original work.

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[Jan 17 or 18] Max for Live: Building Audio and Midi Effects with Max MSP Jitter in Ableton

max for live workshop small

This workshop is intended for Producers and Sound Artists wishing to expand their knowledge of Ableton Live and start making their own Max for Live Patches and Effects. We will start with an overview of available Max for Live Devices and how different types function within an Ableton Live Set. We will build several of these “Max for Live Devices” from scratch to manipulate sound and midi in unique ways – stepping out of the effects built into the software. We will also look at how to integrate video into our sets for live, audio responsive VJ Performances.

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