[June 29] Experience Sound by Seth Cluett

Seth Cluett will present a suite of compositions for ambisonic surround speaker cube.  Saturday June 29 between 3 – 5 pm Governors Island, Nolan Park, Building 10A Composer and Artist Seth Cluett will present a suite of compositions created in the reflection-less, dead-quiet historic anechoic at Bell Labs alternating with… Continue reading

[June 15] Left Footprints (WIP) by LoVid

LoVid’s current project, a collaborative interdisciplinary multimedia performance, includes live digital and analog video, sound, movement, wearable technology, woven circuits, biological and environmental sensors. Left Footprints, a collaboration with Tyler Henry that includes contributions from Ibtisam Haq, Sean Montgomery, and Nikima Jagudajev, was developed through residencies at Harvestworks, NY Hall… Continue reading

[May 23] Hausmusik III presents: Imitation Systems (IMSYS) by Tommy Martinez

IMSYS is a software based sound performance using simulation technologies such as flocking algorithms, computer generated 3D space, and acoustic room modeling to explore contentious relationships between technology, identity and representation in computational landscapes. Harvestworks 596 Broadway Suite 602 @ Houston Street NYC Performance 7:30-8:30pm Talk/Demo 8:30-9:00 Tommy Martinez is… Continue reading

[May 2-3] Sound and Science Symposium @ UCLA

May 2, 3, 2019 UCLA California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI): ARTSCI.UCLA.EDU MAY 2 Artsmesh Networked Composition Performance + discussionKen Fields 2-5pm CNSI presentation spaceArtsmesh Network Music Performance and Discussion: Ken Fields (UCSB) connecting UC Los Angeles, UC Santa Barbara (graduate students Ken and Rodney Duplessis), Canada (Joel Ong) and Harvestworks, NY (Gil… Continue reading