[Nov 8-12] Judy Dunaway- Chamber Ensemble

“Chamber Ensemble” is a participatory sculptural sonic environment utilizing round ready-made latex balloons of various sizes. A giant balloon guides visitors to make sounds with typical toy balloons, to which it responds and reacts. Occasional interlopers send a helium balloon up a deadly tunnel that transforms into an immersive experience.… Continue reading

Harvestworks Newsletter October 2017

Upcoming Events Harvestworks 40th Anniversary Events 1977 – 2017   Saturdays Oct 14, 21 Downtown Culture Talks: Listening to TELLUS, the Audio Cassette Magazine noon – 6 pm @ Harvestworks FREE Harvestworks partners with the Soho Arts Network‘s Downtown Culture Talks to present a 30 minute sound loop featuring selections by women artists published… Continue reading

[May 26-July 23] NYEAF Matthew Ostrowski – Western Electric Nº 1

Western Electric is a generative composition for fifteen modified and computer-controlled  rotary telephones. The speed and position of the clappers are voltage-controlled, making possible a wide range of rhythms and tones. This expanded sound palette is used as the material for a structure based on the swarm behaviors of relatively simple… Continue reading

[May 31-June 2] NYEAF: WEB-MINDSCAPE by Claudia Robles-Angel

WEB-MINDSCAPE joints the aspects of social networks (Twitter), surround sound, brainwaves and visual elements in an interactive/immersive audiovisual installation (light and sound), whereby visitors interact with the audiovisual environment by using an EEG interface, which reads their brain activity and triggers the interaction. The immersive audiovisual environment is site-specific, where… Continue reading