[June 1 – Aug 11] BikeBox R(i)de by LoVid

BikeBox R(i)de, 2018 is an installation comprised of a 45 min silent video and 5 photos printed on plexiglass. The project was produced in collaboration with a group of youth from a bike-shop at Experimental Station in Chicago. The work was made by attaching a custom-made camera onto a bicycle… Continue reading

June 2019 Newsletter

NYEAF Begins with Teens Take the Met We participated in Teens Take the Met on May 31st. Carol and a team of excited interns aimed to inspire young minds with Harvestwork’s Arp 2600, Doepfer EURO Rack system and the music making software Max/MSP/Jitter. June 1 saw the Opening of Physical and Digital:… Continue reading

[June 17-22] Variable Frequencies by Angus Tarnawsky

Variable Frequencies is a sound installation investigating process and interaction. Building on the technology of radio to consider reflexive actions, the installation explores sonic, social and political implications of transmission. In turn, highlighting the fragile relationship between physical presence and invisible channels of communication, power, and control. Harvestworks June 17-22,… Continue reading