[Feb 24] “Pausa”, Audiovisual performance by Barbara Held and Benton C. Bainbridge

Harvestworks, in partnership with Composers Now Festival presents “Pausa”, an Audiovisual performance for flute, synthesized and processed sound and image by Barbara Held and Benton C. Bainbridge.

Pausa” is a collaborative composition pairing acoustic and electronic sound with realtime image processing, with sound and image “conducting” each other. A unique … Continue reading

[Dec 20th] Christina Wheeler’s The Magical Garden: A Project Presentation & Concert

Christina Wheeler’s The Magical Garden is a five-part, multimedia performance/generative installation project, utilizes audio, video, and an LED light installation to present a multi-episodic, fantasy-narrative in an organic setting for all-ages audiences. Within a technological context, a fantastic narrative follows five anthropomorphized creatures trapped in a mythic garden searching for freedom. Multimedia creates the garden’s magic with modern technology, … Continue reading

[Dec 15] APODIO by APO33 : : : Workshop and Performance

Julien Ottavi (1977) Artist-composer and JKPickett (1978) Artist-composer present LIBRE OPERATING SYSTEM, AUTOMATION, STREAMING AND ONLINE PERFORMANCE : How to make music, videos, graphics and streaming with Free Libre operating system (alternative to microsoft and apple)

APODIO is a GNU/Linux operating system containing audio, text-friendly, graphic and video tools. It … Continue reading