[July 16] NYEAF: “Solitarius in 5.1” by Dalia Raudonikytė With

Composer Dalia Raudonikytė With focuses on exploring nuances within the phenomenon of sound, approaching it from a variety of multi-disciplinary angles including the visual arts, literature, philosophy, computer programming, ethnography and electroacoustic music. This innovating and contemporary context enables composer to blur genre boundaries and create works combining … Continue reading

[July 1-July 23] NYEAF: Paggank Daywaygun (2017)

PagDay(‘17) is a multi-user interactive digital, kinetic, geo-locative performance media project by Max Kazemzadeh and Reza Safavi:that uses algorithmic functions calculated in a custom GPS Tracking Android Phone App that directs participants or “passengers” around Governors Island uncovering significant information/content relating to the island’s history and present. The passenger’s … Continue reading