[July 1-July 23] NYEAF: Paggank Daywaygun (2017)

PagDay(‘17) is a multi-user interactive digital, kinetic, geo-locative performance media project by Max Kazemzadeh and Reza Safavi:that uses algorithmic functions calculated in a custom GPS Tracking Android Phone App that directs participants or “passengers” around Governors Island uncovering significant information/content relating to the island’s history and present. The passenger’s movement around… Continue reading

[May 26 – July 23] NYEAF: Catastrophic Acts Digital Prints and Video (2014-17) by Ligorano/Reese

A century’s carelessness is now melting away the world’s storehouses of ice, a melting whose momentum may be nearing the irreversible. It’s as if we were stripping the spectrum of a color or eradicating one note from every octave.  – Bill McKibben, January 2006 Catastrophic Acts brings together major elements from… Continue reading