[Jun. 15 – Sept. 2] Daniel Temkin: Internet Psychic Phone Repair

A Midtown vendor holds a sign advertising what might be a session with a psychic or perhaps a quick fix for iPhones. Only this vendor is himself a fortune teller: a mannequin with a card dispenser in his torso. The fortunes he delivers play meaning off nonsense, in a mix of NYC marketing vernacular, Markov-flavored spam phrasings, and a symbology of stale mysticism and Internet detritus. Continue reading

[Jun. 15 – Sept. 2] The Augmented Reality War of 1812

On Governors Island visitors with their smart phone, iPad and Android tablets take a self guided augmented reality tour of scenes of the War of 1812. Flaneurs will discover the USRC cutter ACTIVE chase down the smuggler FAIR AMERICAN on the Hudson River, highly inflated bank notes floating over the parade ground, and an American sailor, a tar, shouldering his duffle bag at the ferry landing. Continue reading

[Jul. 20 – Sept. 2] Roden/Vitiello: The Spaces Contained in Each

The Spaces Contained in Each is a multi-channel sound installation based on recordings of “silence.” Sound and visual artists, Steve Roden and Stephen Vitiello have collected pre-recorded works on vinyl that relate to themes of silence as well as their own field recordings of quiet spaces. For the installation at Saint Cornelius Chapel, these recordings will be mixed and spatialized as a response to the artists’ experience in the space. Continue reading

[Jul. 22 – Aug. 2] Telephone Rewired

Telephone Rewired is an audiovisual installation that probes and modulates human consciousness by rhythmically entraining neuronal oscillations in the brain to impact cognition. The installation stimulates the viewer’s endogenous brain waveforms into beta (focused attention), theta (deep relaxation), and alpha (calm awareness). After viewers don an electroencephalography (EEG) monitor, their brain rhythms synchronize into a neurofeedback loop and they enter the era of augmented cognition. Continue reading