Bora Yoon & Luke Dubois: Phonation

( (( PHONATION )) ) is a multimedia solo performance by Bora Yoon with live video manipulations by Luke DuBois exploring where sound connects to the subliminal using found sounds, new and antiquated instruments, electronic devices, gesture, and voice. The performance takes place at THE NEW YORK ELECTRONIC ART FESTIVAL… Continue reading

Satoshi Takeishi: Whirlpool

“Whirlpools” In a parallel world in which we live in, there are energy points where the “visible” and the “invisible” creates whirlpools, a swirling body of energy, the entrance to the infinite spiritual cycle known as “dreamtime”. Satoshi Takeishi explores multi-cultural, electronics and improvisational music with local musicians and composers… Continue reading

Hardware Hacking & Recycling Strategies

Benjamin Gaulon will present new work and discuss issues like e-waste, obsolescence and disposable society that have been the focus of his practice and theoretical research. Since 2005 he has been leading workshops and giving lectures in Europe about e-waste and hardware Hacking / Recycling. Workshops participants explore the potential… Continue reading