[Video] Perfect Paul: On Freedom of Facial Expression

Perfect Paul is a sequel to my (in)famous Huge Harry lecture/ performance in which a digital persona lectures on computer to human communication. This new lecture/ performance, in a highly condensed fashion, will present the results of my recently completed doctoral artistic research entitled: “Facial Hacking: The Twisted Logic of Electro-Facial Choreography.” Perfect Paul will demonstrate in a live computer versus human showdown the superior qualities of digital versus neural facial control. Perfect Paul, when performed for the first time in Bilbao, Spain won the Technarte 2012 Best Speaker Award. Continue reading

[Jul 22 – Aug 2] Telephone Rewired

Telephone Rewired is an audiovisual installation that probes and modulates human consciousness by rhythmically entraining neuronal oscillations in the brain to impact cognition. The installation stimulates the viewer’s endogenous brain waveforms into beta (focused attention), theta (deep relaxation), and alpha (calm awareness). After viewers don an electroencephalography (EEG) monitor, their brain rhythms synchronize into a neurofeedback loop and they enter the era of augmented cognition. Continue reading

[Video] Suzanne Thorpe / Paul Geluso: Phloq

At St. Cornelius Chapel on Governors Island, Phloq is a multichannel work composed to evoke the sensorial experience of a flock of birds taking off. Via its physical diffusion, Phloq creates a provocative space that allows the listener to suspend their ties to previously known aural reference points, releasing them to a new sensorial interaction. Phloq’s content addresses issues of communication and interference, referencing the swirling mass of information we encounter on a daily basis. Continue reading

[Jul 13/14] Making Max Make Music with Markov Chains – ONLINE CLASS

Make Max make music for you! Make Max make music like you! Make Max make music without you! Do the beginnings of your performances always start with you predictably building layers? Get the party kicking *immediately* with Markov chains! Are you sick of making music with static loops that never ever ever ever ever change? Not with Markov chains. Do you tweak one thing at a time while everything else just sits there repeating over and over and over and over? Never again! Maybe you just want a friend to jam with when there’s no one around. This weekend ONLINE class will teach you to make your Max patch improvise on it’s own! You’ll walk out with ideas and strategies for making melodies, chords progressions and especially drum parts write themselves and only repeat when you want them to! Continue reading

[Jul 12-14] Lost in the Labyrinth: Sound Art in China

Since its import into China, the evolution of and the practice of Sound Art, like the art of New Media, has been completely re-shaped by the political system, social structure, and market economy of contemporary China. Sound Art in China – as it’s been greatly affected by the local culture – has very little in common with its original reference in Western art history. Most Chinese practitioners in this field usually avoid classifying their creations as “Sound Art”, as it’s difficult to summarize the complexity of the media evolution in China with such a simple word. Curated by Xiaoying Juliette Yuan, Harvestworks presents artists who are among the most representative figures in the experimental music (i.e., Sound Art) field in contemporary China. Continue reading

[Video] Heayoung Kim’s Moori at New York Hall Of Science

Somewhere between a performance and workshop series — New York Hall of Science’s EXPOSED explores and unearths the science, innovation and/or nuances of a variety of different projects and products via an interactive experience, conversation and cocktails. Harvestworks Artist In Residence Heayoung Kim performs MOORI, an interactive performance using smart phones and tablets that allows users to build collaborative storytelling through exchanging messages. Continue reading

[Jul 7] Hans Schüttler: Talking Sounds / Workshop & Performance

In this workshop, fluxus influenced German composer Hans Schüttler will create a live radio drama based on experimental poet Ernst Jandl’s sound poem “Eating”. Up to 12 participants will create an evening length piece using kitchen devices, food items, musical instruments, and more. The participants and listeners witness a live radio drama, in which voice, sounds, noise and music equally have a role in the creation. Continue reading