Video: Susie Ibarra / Roberto Rodriguez / Makato Fujimura: Hidden Truths

Hidden Truths: Prayer for a Forgotten World, is a surround sound performance piece composed by Susie Ibarra for Electric Kulintang featuring Roberto Rodriguez on electronics, percussion and drums and Ibarra on electronic and acoustic kulintang (gongs) and percussion with visual art by Makoto Fujimura. [ggisinlinepost id=”538″ topseparator=”1″ showcontent=”1″] Continue reading

[Nov 6] Andrea DeFelice

WE WILL REOPEN THE INSTALLATION THIS TUESDAY: A small coupling of works combining both obsolete and new technologies, then reassembled to represent obsolete fables, folklore, literature, philosophy, mythology, and music. As responses to such stories inspired by the observation of human behavior, symbolic animals, objects and mechanics are used to… Continue reading

[Oct 19-21] Leave The Bass Alone, 5 Basses

In “5 basses”, five double basses are amplified and feedbacked with each other. The strings and the bodies of the basses resonate with their ambient surroundings, thus creating an interactive drone in which the basses are controlled both by their acoustic vibrations and their environment. Seemingly simple acoustic/physical principles take… Continue reading