2008 Sponsored Projects

Ginger Miles – Radio Landscape (2008) Radio Landscapes is a series of radio documentaries that explore how landscape can make community, how communities are formed by history, circumstance and opportunity; how they are propelled to form creative collaborations and alliances; and what issues they now face. Radio Lanscapes Two (in New… Continue reading

2007 Sponsored Projects

Kenseth Armstead – Spook (2007) Spook is a multimedia installation project that tells the true story of Armistead Lafayette’s experience as a double-agent for America’s first Director of Central Intelligence, George Washington. The installation consists of several media elements including film trailers, 3-D game graphics and 18th century images. These elements… Continue reading

2006 Sponsored Projects

LoVid – Cross Current Resonance Transducer (2006) Cross Current Resonance Transducer stems from cross-pollination between LoVid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus) and Douglas Repetto. The work records natural signals using environmental sensors and present its raw form on lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, graphing calculators, and Geiger counters. Visitors will… Continue reading

2005 Sponsored Projects

Zachary Lieberman – Drawn (2005) “Drawn” is a concert-performance in which live painting is radically augmented in real time, creating a fictional world in which painted forms appear to come to life, rising themselves off the page and interacting with the outside world. The performance explores the musicality and immediacy of… Continue reading

2004 Sponsored Projects

Marie Sester – Beamed (2004) “Beamed” is an interactive public art installation using advanced technologies to explore surveillance, mass entertainment, and their impact on contemporary life. Beamed turns a public space into an environment in which an unsuspecting individual encounters video and audio ‘apparitions’. In a Web-interface version, any individual can… Continue reading

2003 Sponsored Projects

Cory Arcangel Nintendo Home Movies (2003) “Nintendo Home Movies” consists of a reprogrammed Super Mario Brothers Cartridge which has been reverse engineered to display a panorama photograph over the course of a half hour. This slow journey is accompanied by a composition by technical and musical collaborator Paul Davis. Arcangel… Continue reading

2002 Sponsored Projects

Naomi Grossman Reminiscence, Shreds of Memory (2002) “Reminiscence, Shreds of Memory” is a mixed-media art which combines sculpture and audio to represent an often overlooked population in our society, the elderly. The installation consists of audio recordings of each participant, sculptures of the hands of senior citizens to which the… Continue reading

2000 Sponsored Projects

Nick Didkovsky Ereia (2000) Featuring compositions for ensemble and solo viola composed by Nick Didkovsky, Ereia was recorded live and in studio, composed in part by traditional means and in part computer generated, written to include complex composition as well as improvisation, and performed by a classical quartet and an… Continue reading

1999 Sponsored Projects

Tirtza Even Color Blind (1999) “Color Blind,” is interactive installation work which explores the visual representation of the tension between public and private space. The structure of the work juxtaposes non-linear interactivity with the traditional linearity of film. The soundtrack consists of anonymous CB radio recordings and interviews conducted with… Continue reading

1998 Sponsored Projects

Shelly Hirsch States (1998) Shelley Hirsch received a grant from the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust to record two new compositions for compact disc release on Tellus Audio Series. “States” is a complex soundscape that mixes polyphonic renditions of American pop songs (“Blue Moon” and “Blue Skies”), cocktail lounge monologues,… Continue reading