1997 Sponsored Projects

Tirtza Even CityQuilt (1997) Conceived in memory of Michael Schwartz, who died of AIDS on May 17, 1994, “CityQuilt” is comprised of two video quilts programmed to allow the user to navigate across an imaginary canvas of indoor and outdoor scenes of New York. “CityQuilt Outdoors” is navigated along an… Continue reading

1996 Sponsored Projects

Anne LeBaron The Musical Railism of Anne LeBaron (CD) (1996) Anne LeBaron’s music combines modern compostional techniques with rock, blues and gospel. The CD includes two performances on prepared harp and electric harp, two chamber works and an electronic blues-opera with Thulani Davis. Funding was provided by the Mary Flagler… Continue reading

1995 Sponsored Projects

Philip Bush Microtonal Piano (1995) Pianist Philip Bush received a recording grant from the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust for “Micrrotonal Piano”, a new compact disc of works by composer Ben Johnston and released by Koch International Records. Nick Didkovsky Dr. Nerve with the Sirius String Quartet (1995) Founded by… Continue reading

1994 Sponsored Projects

Tom Cora The Man With A Movie Camera   (1994) The production and release of a new music ensemble work for the 1920s Soviet film, The Man With A Movie Camera by director Dziga Vertov. The 80-minute piece was orginally produced as a solo sound accompaniment of the film, which was… Continue reading

1990 Sponsored Projects

Brenda Hutchinson Delicate Lights (1990) A one-hour performance work collaborated with Robert Gregory. The work involves non-literal language and ambient sounds to define characters and environment. Diana Meckley The Evolving Artifact (1990) The music composition “The Evolving Artifact” is for a computer, a digital sampler, an electronic keyboard, a trumpet… Continue reading

1989 Sponsored Projects

Anthony Davis Songs for Dora Orenstein (1989) This music composition is a part of a full-length program entitled “Soprano Bar & Grill” in which Ms. Orenstein portrays a series of characters through music and drama — each character a creation of a different composer librettist team. Sussan Deihim The Weight… Continue reading

1988 Sponsored Projects

Paul DeMarinis On Line Opera (1988) The piece is composed and performed by a computer over the telephone lines. The work takes in telephone messages left by callers, the computer analyzes them for melody and performs a voice and a synthesizer composition to subsequent callers. Continue reading

1985 Sponsored Projects

Maryanne Amacher The Levi Montalcini Variations (1985) “The Levi-Montalcini Variations” uses emerging technologies written, developed, and produced for interactive digital media and is composed as a dramatic narrative, serialized in two or more evening length performances, and accompanied by an interactive software “score.” A virtual auditory environment is designed in… Continue reading