[May 8] Kinefy Workshop: movement interaction with Max and Processing

Harvestworks Presents Kinefy Workshop: movement interaction with Max and Processing by Federico Visi and Andrew Telichan Phillips  Kinefy is a software framework designed for enhancing conventional musical instruments through the body movements and gestures of the performer. It provides tools for using widely available wearable sensors to extend the expressive possibilities of existing… Continue reading

[Mar 20] Physical Computing with Max/MSP and Arduino by Sam Tarakajian

In this workshop, we’ll look at how to get data from physical sensors into Max, and we’ll investigate techniques for working with that data in an organized way. Topics include voltage dividing sensors, building simple circuits, understanding the Arduino language, using Open Sound Control to send messages between applications, simple machine learning with… Continue reading

[June 3-20] Certificate and Independent Study Program with Stefan Tiedje / Berlin

Over 100 artists have participated in Harvestworks’ Certificate and Independent Study Program, that offers year-round individualized, in-depth teaching and programming services. Participants receive one-on-one sessions tailored specifically to their needs and artistic goals, and take part in classes that fit their individual curriculum. For a limited time in June, we… Continue reading

[Jun. 5 – Jul. 31] Generative Art with Processing Summer Course

This 8-week class will introduce students to the wide world of generative art, starting with building blocks and theory and moving towards advanced topics over the course of the summer. Students will acquire methods for creating compelling artworks using algorithms and autonomous processes inspired from nature, statistics, biology, and computer science. Applications covered will include generative graphics, data visualization, 3D design and fabrication, and interactivity using peripherals like the Kinect. The class will be taught in Processing but the concepts are applicable to other languages and tools. Continue reading

[June 8] Get closer to your audience: Multichannel and Spatialization Concepts in Max/MSP

For decades the attempt to do spatialization has been focused on a “virtual sound source” being moved around the space. The result we recognize as an audience is almost only “circles” as movements, even if the virtual sound source is doing much more complex moves – unless you are in the sweet spot of a given speaker setup. In this workshop we will learn various spatialization concepts using the Max/MSP programming environment, then learning different approaches to look beyond “sweet spot” concepts. Participants receive lab time out side of the class to experiment in Harvestworks 8-channel TEAMLab. Continue reading