Digital Video Certificate Program

The Certificate programs have been developed in order to provide a more comprehensive training for artists interested in producing interactive media installations and performances. It requires students to take one-on-one tutorials according to an individually designed curriculum.

The Digital Video Certificate will introduce you to the basics of desktop editing using Apple’s Final Cut Pro Studio package. Applications covered include capturing and logging in various formats, non-linear editing, titles, color correction, basic audio editing, video effects, and outputting to various formats such as DVD production, and compression for the web. The Certificate can further specialize in advanced effect handling with Adobe After Effects.

Training costs $1800. The student has to be a member of Harvestworks to be able to participate in this program. Membership is $75/yr. Each certificate includes 20 hours of one-on-one training with our current teachers Lauren Petty or Hisao Ihara. The price also includes project supervision, unlimited labtime in our computer lab, support by our Assistant Teachers as well as a presentation of the final project at Harvestworks. A student may enroll in the program at anytime.

For details call Hans Tammen 212-431-1130.

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