Kevin Ramsay [Audio Engineer]

Engineer Kevin Ramsay is a graduate  The Institute Of Audio Research. As one of the staff engineers for Harvestworks, he has  recorded, mix and mastered a various array of projects including 5.1 and 7.1 sound installations Hypercartogram by Art Jones and Memory Scapes by Emilio Vavarella. With an unwavering desire to explore sound, Kevin extends the use of Max/Msp to create his own sound manipulation devices which he has dubbed “The Maraki Matrix”. His current  projects include:

Klaas Von Karlos & Ememe- Oxi

  J.S Onca – Ep-1,  

Yoh the Shaolin- Tales Over Tea

Divan Rougue- Divan Rougue 

Klass Von Karlos – The Mansa Munsa Affair

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