Kevin Ramsay [Audio Engineer]

Kevin Ramsay is a Brooklyn born and based Sound engineer,
Composer and Creator who’s work focuses on the theoretical, practical,
and artistic aspects of sound recording and reproduction In both
Acoustic and Electronic instruments. He has been credited as producer,
recording engineer, Mixing engineer, mastering engineer, and musician
on released recordings, He also focuses on new ways to capture, mix,
and process immersive audio for playback on multi-channel sound
systems. In addition to serving as the Lead sound engineer at Harvest
works Digital Media, He continues to work with a variety of artists who
use sound as a creative medium.

He has the great opportunity to work with many great musicians and
artist such as Michael Byron, Henry Threadgil, Art Jones, Joan Jonas,
Paul Kim- Harris and Conrad Harris (String Noise) , Anne Tados, Danilio
Correale, Emilio Vavarella , Malik Ameer Crumpler , Daniel Belquer ,
Jon- Carlos Evans and many others.

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