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[May 13 – 15] Calls to Action

Calls to Action is a presentation of recent work by Andrew McWilliams. The show features the new installation Emergency Room, exploring connections between bodily health and global climate change. The presentation of this work coincides with a planned global wave of civil disobedience actions targeting the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects, known… Continue reading

[Apr 15] Autopoesis

Autopoesis is a multimedia live performance installation. Artists Metaculture, Kreaux and the Cloak of Karesu Meld Locked language , fractal rhythms and  ambrosia textures. Harvestworks 596 Broadway #602 New York NY 10012 Phone: 212-431-1130 Subway: F/M/D/B Broadway/Lafayette, R to Prince, #6 to Bleecker Friday april 15th 10pm – 12pm The… Continue reading

[Apr 2-3] The Sound Space Project

The SoundSpace Project is an immersive listening space. Artists combine minimalist electronic music and ambient visuals to create a meditative environment. Lounging and social interaction is encouraged in open-floor seating and layout architecture. The space will open on Friday evening with performances from several contributing artists. It will remain open to the public over… Continue reading

[Mar 24] Tetraphonics

Since the 70s, quadraphonic sound has been discarded by the commercial audio world. Almost fifty years later, as we find ourselves in a state of technological saturation, what does it mean to continue the use of quad? Presented in collaboration with Lea Bertucci at Pioneer Works, sound artists explore four varying approaches to quadraphonic… Continue reading

Project Management Services

For the last 30+ years Harvestworks has offered artists on-site production studios, workshops and classes in emerging technologies. Based on our experience producing over 400 projects for our Artists In Residence Program these services have expanded into the ongoing Project Management Program that provides individual consulting and project realization to… Continue reading

[Mar 12-15] EXTENDED Mise-en-Abyme: Blurring Boundaries between Real and Audiovisual, Exhibition by Katherine Liberovskaya

  Katherine Liberovskaya, most often active in experimental video and live video improvisation with experimental music composers and musicians, presents two sculptural closed-circuit object-video-audio installation works from her on-going series she calls “Strange Loops (between Real and Audiovisual)”. Combining certain material elements with simple movement mechanisms, their real-time electronic image… Continue reading

[Feb 26] Regions of Influence by Tim Fodness

Regions of Influence is a multi-channel sound installation blending the art of radio transmission with the unique and obscure language of dreams. It was created by Tim Fodness under the technical guidance of Joseph Morris. Over the course of roughly three years, sound artist Tim Fodness logged his dreams in a journal and recorded… Continue reading