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[June 11] Birdsong Mimic Workshop: Mobile App to Installation Space by Max Kazemzadeh

This Birdsong Mimic Workshop introduces attendees to the overall structure for building and connecting interactive mobile apps, using the Ketai and Cassette Libraries, via a web server to automatically generate realtime kinetic events in an interactive installation anywhere in the world via Processing and Arduino. This investigation in ubiquitous computing,… Continue reading

[May 28 – July 25] Methods Of Expansion And Contraction by Hans Tammen – TEAM LAB: Artworks and Experiences

As part of Harvestworks‘ summer schedule on Governors island, “Methods Of Expansion And Contraction” is a 16-channel sound installation that spacializes sounds in a circular fashion to explore juxtapositions of timbre, rhythm, dynamics and pitch. You are encouraged to walk around the wheel, for some sounds even small movements will… Continue reading

[June 5] Ghost Voices Concert: B-O-O-K, B-A-R-K -T-R-E-E -S-K-I-N L-I-N-E Stage 1 by Shelley Hirsch and Joke Lanz

Shelley Hirsch and Joke Lanz Book-Bark-Tree-Skin-Line- Stage 1 is a structured improvisation with collaborator/ turntablist, electronic musician Joke Lanz  and a query into the process of creating Hirsch’s Harvestworks AIR Project and  new choral work commissioned by NYSCA  which will be presented in 2017. The work is a musing on the… Continue reading

[May 8] Kinefy Workshop: movement interaction with Max and Processing

Harvestworks Presents Kinefy Workshop: movement interaction with Max and Processing by Federico Visi and Andrew Telichan Phillips  Kinefy is a software framework designed for enhancing conventional musical instruments through the body movements and gestures of the performer. It provides tools for using widely available wearable sensors to extend the expressive possibilities of existing… Continue reading