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Creativity and the search for original solutions, creative coding, building of new compositions, performances and prototypes, requires the extension of intellectual tools, including the replacement of simple generative techniques with probabilistic methods as well as with methods related with randomness Date: Wednesday November 30 Time:  6 pm – 10 pm… Continue reading

[Oct 22] Toneburst Maps and Fragments by David Tudor (1926 – 1996) and Sophia Ogielska

Saturday, October 22nd – 7pm Tickets: $15 ISSUE Project Room
   22  Boerum Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201 In 1995-96 David Tudor collaborated with Sophia Ogielska on a visual language for representing David’s music compositions created in analog circuits. Focusing on Tudor’s composition Toneburst for Merce Cunningham’s Sounddance, they developed Toneburst Maps… Continue reading

oyster by Joe Diebes

oyster is both an opera and a surround sound and image installation by Joe Diebes that traces a surprising musical history of our algorithmically regulated society.  In the 1960’s, renowned American folklorist Alan Lomax developed a wildly ambitious system called cantometrics for coding and analyzing folk songs from every corner of… Continue reading

[Sept 19] Newsletter

This Week NOISEGATE Festival Environmental Noise Pollution Awareness Data-Driven Art-Driven, Community Driven September 20 – 25th Tues. Sept 20 @ 7 pm Meet The Artists @ Harvestworks Installations by Suzanne Thorpe, Steve Wanna, Dafna Naphtali, Hugues Clement, Art Jones and Matthew Ostrowski. At 8 pm experience Dafna’s sound art walk… Continue reading

[Sept 21-25] NoiseGate Festival: Environmental Noise Pollution Awareness Data-Driven, Art-Driven, Community-Driven

The inaugural NoiseGate festival is a five-day festival produced in collaboration and partnership with NYU Steinardt (, United Nations Global Arts Initiative, Citygram (, Harvestworks Digital Media Art Center, Monthly Music Hackathon, Music of Reality, Kadenze, ThinkCoffee, University of Redlands, and generous grants from the NYU Global Research Initiatives, Office… Continue reading