[July 13th] Star Catcher Performance and Artist Talk by Adelle Lin and Matt Pinner

Join us under the stars for a dance performance and artist talk at the Star Catcher installation. Adelle Lin and Matt Pinner collaborate with the dancer-choreographer Dharma Esmat to explore the mystical tapestry of the universe and redefine the act of creation through dance. Utilizing live tracking technology, Dharma’s movements will dynamically alter the constellation patterns above, creating a vibrant, evolving star field in real-time. This performance invites the audience to ponder our deep connections to the stellar energies that surround us, in a profound moment of cosmic reclamation.

Location: Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

Date: Saturday July 13, 2024

Time: 2:45 pm


Dharma Esmat, a versatile professional dancer and choreographer from Portland, Oregon, boasts a decade of experience across contemporary, ballet, jazz, and hip-hop styles. Known for expressive performances and innovative choreography, Dharma moved to New York in 2017 to study dance at the New School and was able to collaborate with renowned artists and peers. Dharma has also had the privilege of performing for the Oregon Symphony, and Joffrey ballet  showcasing their talent and versatility on prestigious stages.

Adelle Lin Yingxi is a Malaysian artist, activist, and creative technologist based in Brooklyn. Their art seeks to heal and connect through joy and contemplation, aiming to advocate for women’s rights, champion climate justice, and bridge divides. Adelle holds a master’s degree in art and engineering from NYU Tandon. They recently completed NEW INC, the New Museum’s art incubator program and other residencies including One of Many “Wadi Rum” in Jordan and Harvestworks “Creativity + Technology = Enterprise” in NYC. With a foundation in architecture and engineering, Adelle crafts magical objects, performance rituals, and interactive installations that merge the tangible with the digital. They have received grants and support from Meta Open Arts, Onassis ONX, and PlayNYC. Their artworks were recently featured in group shows at FiveMyles, Ed.Varie Gallery, and ChangWon Sculpture Biennale. They have also performed live calligraphy rituals at One of Many and Work In Progress events and have appeared on Al Jazeera’s The Stream for activism work within virtual worlds.

Matt Pinner is a dynamic artist and creative technologist originally from Colorado, now based in Brooklyn, NY. With a background in software engineering and a passion for sculpture and physics, he creates immersive, interactive lighting sculptures and volumetric installations that engage and connect people in timeless, limitless experiential spaces. Holding a degree in Math and Astrophysics from the Colorado School of Mines, Matt has had impactful roles such as Head of Architecture and Technical Director for projects like The Illuminated River Project and Intel’s Robot Dance Party. Deeply involved in the Creative Technology community, he leads global projects, creates fashion technology, collaborates on projects like Crashspacela and SPARKFUN. He also worked with artists such as DJ Qbert and Lady Gaga at events like the Grammys and CES. Matt’s recent work focuses on interactive sculptures that foster discussions about the future of technology, positioning him at the forefront of novel interactions between art and technology.

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