March 2022 News and New Video

[Mar 13, 3:00pm EST] OLAP #11 with KaonCPT Collective

Our collaboration with Experimental Intermedia continues with our tenth OLAP – Online Live Art Performance community discussion forum. For this event we have invited Michal Seta (concept/charge conjugation) and Nicolas Bouillot (concept/time reversal) from The Kaon’CPTs, a collective dedicated to flip along several time realities.

[Apr 9-10 from noon-6pm] Machine Listening & Machine Learning for Music Making with FluCoMa Workshop

The Fluid Corpus Manipulation project (FluCoMa) enables techno-fluent musicians to integrate machine listening and machine learning in their creative practice within Max, SuperCollider, and Pure Data. This workshop will be hands-on and will explain concepts and tools that participants can modify and expand towards their own artistic goals. Contact Carol at Harvestworks for more information.

[Mar 12] The TIP Program Update

Our 2022 Technology Immersion Program continues with Master Class #11 with composer and sound artist Hans Tammen who will talk about his projects and techniques including his recent multi-channel work Manifolds that uses the audience’s cellphones to create an immersive environment in which the audience becomes a moving loudspeaker orchestra.


Still from Amy Youngs Becoming Biodiversity
Still from Antibodies by Sabine Gruffat

Our new Artist in Residence Works playlist on YouTube gives an indepth look at some of their Art Works. Artists include Amy Youngs, Matthew Goodheart, Jocelyn Ho, Amanda Gutierrez, Lady K and Sabine Gruffat.

“Living Room Pieces” by Michael Schumacher

The Player

Living Room Pieces, is a sound installation by Michael Schumacher that explores listening in the home over long time periods. You set it up, start it and over the course of the two month loan period, it occasionally, unexpectedly, makes sounds, always in different ways. Its huge inventory of sounds and the unpredictability of their occurrence create a listening environment that transforms one’s relationship to physical, architectural, social and aural space. Contact Harvestworks for more information.

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