Workspace Residency Program

The Harvestworks  Workspace Residency Program offers 24/7 scheduled time for access to our production studios and project studios to entrepreneurial artists and digital media professionals. This is an opportunity to work within our community of artists, students, Artists In Residence, project consultants, technicians, instructors and other innovative practitioners of the electronic arts, enabling a safe space for networking and exchange of knowledge.

The program is designed for artists who generally prefer to work within a community of other artists; for those who need to concentrate on their work for a specific amount of time; or for those artists from abroad who need access to work space during their stay in New York City.

To apply for the program, send a cover letter, project description if applicable, bio, and links to relevant work to carolp[at]harvestworks[dot]org.  Please do not forget to tell us how you would benefit from being at Harvestworks, and how our community would benefit from you.

When accepted,  you will be required to become a member of Harvestworks for an annual fee of $75 plus receive the following:

A. Space Share and Podcast Booth

Shared Workspace

Podcast Booth

$350 / mo for scheduled access to your own desk space w/ internet and access to our podcast recording booth.

The program offers:

– The opportunity to work within our community of digital media artists and technical experts.

– The opportunity to join our database of works

– Discounts on Harvestworks’ Studio, Certificate and Independent Study Program

– Discounts on Harvestworks 9.1 audio recording studio and presentation opportunities

– Access to Harvestworks equipment (projectors) pending availability.

– Access to the podcast booth (designed by Walters-Storyk Design Group) for use with your own recording equipment, pending availability.

– Meetings with staff and artists

– Periodic Petchu Cucha

Harvestworks is a digital media community founded in 1977, and has helped a generation of artists to create new works using technology. From it’s central SoHo location in downtown Manhattan, Harvestworks acts as a producer to help identify labor needs and organize the team for a project as well as offering advice on funding and distribution, acting as fiscal agent where necessary and forming partnerships with research facilities or independent experts in the field as needed.

Artist Studio
Ivana Dama in the Artist Studio

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