2017 Artists in Residence

Harvestworks announces the 2017 New Residents

The Harvestworks New Works and Emerging Artists Residency in Sound (EARS) Program is pleased to announce our 2017 recipients. The recipients are commissioned to create a new work in the Harvestworks TEAM (Technology, Engineering, Art and Music) Lab. The applications were reviewed by music/sound composer Bora Yoon, composer Maria Chavez with artist and technical consultant Thomas Martinez.

Aleksandr Lecticus/404.0 : The Game

Aleksandr Lecticus is the co-founder of the Tundra Collective, which produces and creates large-scale audio-visual installations. Since 2013 the Tundra Collective has been apart of various international festivals and exhibitions.

THE GAME: 2017

The Game aims to be an immersive VR experience in which a person can create a personalized labyrinth of audio-visual patterns based of said person’s fears and emotions. The goal is to create an enveloping game in which the principle reflects the senselessness of searching for a deeper meaning to life, when life itself , in it’s essence eludes the seeker.

Ed Bear: RadioOrgan

Ed Bear is an American performing artist and engineer working with robotics, sound, video, transmission and collective improvisation. Committed to an open source world, he researches material reuse as a civil responsibility and is currently working with littleBits, Inc. to revolutionize modular electronics. He has toured extensively in North America and Europe as a performer and teacher, working with organizations such as The Mattress Factory, The Montreal Pop Festival, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


RadioOrgan, began in 2016 when Edward Bear developed a wireless, modular, multichannel synthesis system out of recycled electronics. Currently only two prototypes exist, each prototype only has eight stereo audio channels. The goal is to create a version of radioOrgan that has a 64 stereo channel system, along with developing examples and tools which interface the system to common A/V hardware and software, and to present public workshops which inspires artist and teachers alike to replicate the system.

Carla Cisno: You and Your Landscape

Carla Cisno is an Italian sound and live media artist, working at the intersections of art, music, design, and technology. Ranging from electroacoustic and mixed-media projects to live performance, photography, sound and drawing installations, she develops open, permeable, animate environmental forms that explore perception as a multi-sensorial, fictional and cultural construction of reality.


You and Your Landscape, is an adaptive environmental installation and noise-masking system for public spaces. The project explores sound and it’s audible reception in the form of air pressure. The installation consists of an interactive device as well as a terrarium that contains the remains of a fallen tree.

Katherine Liberovskaya: Espringale

Katherine Liberovskaya is an inter-media artist based in New York City and Montreal, Canada. Involved in experimental video since the 80s, she has produced many single-channel videos, video installation works and video and music performances which have been presented at a wide variety of events and venues around the world.


Espringale, is continuing a body of work incorporating physical objects or materials as basis of self-generating sound and image closed-circuit environments. It is based on long metallic extension springs that become source of the sound via their automated movement by Arduino controlled solenoids, and its amplification, and source of the image through real-time surveillance and projection equipment.

Cecelia Lopez: Red

Cecelia Lopez received her Masters in Music Composition from Wesleyan University and her Masters of Fine Arts in Music and Sound from Bard College. Cecelia has been apart of various international programs and residencies in countries such as, Lithuania, Italy, and the Czech Republic.

RED: 2017 

Red (in it’s different iterations) is an investigation about the interaction with unstable acoustic feedback systems. The piece consists in building an acoustic feedback environment, setting up several wire nets and placing them in relation to the architectural features of the space. These speaker-wire nets are built using both speakers and piezoelectric microphones in order to produce acoustic feedback.

Kristin Lucas: Dance with FlARmingos: Multispecies Dance

Kristin Lucas creates works about blurring the boundary between the body and technology, further complicated by issues of gender and the ties it has to the global economy. Kristen often investigates the uncanny and liminal spaces of our everyday interaction with technology in imaginative, circuitous works that lie somewhere between reality and “reality”.


Dance with flARmingos: Multispecies Dance, is a piece that is a  mixed reality experience for Hololens that features a multispecies dance between Humans and Flamingos. The inspirations stems from Kristen Lucas’ adopted Flamingos, and the effect of human activity on wetlands and Flamingo populations.

Amelia Marzec: Future Satellite

Amelia Marzec is an American artist focused on rebuilding local communications infrastructure to prepare for an uncertain future. Her work has been exhibited at ISEA, SIGGRAPH, MIT, the ONCE Foundation Contemporary Art Biennial in Madrid, and is part of the Rhizome ArtBase. She has been a resident at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, the A.I.R. Gallery Emma Bee Bernstein Fellow, a Fellow at the Tow Center at Columbia University, a grantee of the Research Foundation of CUNY, and a nominee for the World Technology Awards for Art.


Future Satellite, is a personal radio system created out of salvaged materials and dated technology. It consists of a satellite dish, a model of a satellite, and series of transmitters and receivers. This allows it to transmit underground and experimental music, in addition to news alerts in the event of a catastrophe.

Kristin Norderval: Mothertongue

Kristin Norderval is a performer, composer and improviser whose career has been two-fold; combining both vocal performance and composition. She received her undergraduate training in composition from the University of Washington, and completed a DMA in vocal performance from the Manhattan School of Music. Her credits as a soprano soloist include performances with the Oslo Sinfonietta, the Philip Glass Ensemble, Netherlands Dance Theater, and the San Francisco Symphony.


Mothertongue, is a piece for choir and multi-channel electronic playback on networked tablets, as well as portable speakers. The project entails the development and creation of a custom built interface for networked triggering and audio processing of the electronic portions of Mothertongue.

Henry Threadgill: Tightrope

Henry Threadgill is an American Jazz musician, and one of the three Jazz artists that has received a Pulitzer Prize. Born in Chicago in 1944, he started playing percussion, then switched to the clarinet to then switch to the saxophone. In spring 2016, Henry Threadgill joined Ornette Coleman and Wynton Marsalis as Pulitzer laureates, when he was honored for In For A Penny, In For A Pound, the latest album by Zooid, his unconventional sextet (reeds, acoustic guitar, cello, tuba, bassguitar, drums).


Tightrope, is composition piece for live performance in an immersive surround sound environment with video projection capabilities.

Workspace Residents

Judy Dunaway: Chamber Ensemble

For over twenty years Judy Dunaway has primarily been known for her numerous works for latex balloons as sound producers, including free improvisations, electronic and multi-media works, sound installations, and compositions. She has presented these works throughout North America and Europe at many important venues, festivals, museums and galleries including the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Germany), Alternative Museum (NYC), Audio Art Festival 2016 (Krakow), Cafe Oto (London), Bang on a Can Festival (NYC), Diapason (NYC), Everson Art Museum (Syracuse), Frau Musica Nova (Germany), Galerie Rachel Haferkamp (Cologne), the Guelph Jazz Festival (Canada), Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors (NYC), the New Museum of Contemporary Art (NYC), Ohrenhoch sound gallery (Berlin), Performance Space 122 (NYC), Podewil (Berlin), Roulette (NYC), the Roy and Edna Disney Center (Los Angeles), Seltsame Musik Festival (Austria), STEIM (Netherlands) and ZKM (Germany). Her discography includes CDs on the Composers Recordings, Inc. (CRI) and Innova labels, among others.


Chamber Ensemble, is an interacting installation piece in which the visitors have an immersive experience that is primarily visual, aural, and tactile. The piece utilizes four large balloons, two of which are solid the other two translucent, as a projection surface for 3D animations created in real time. When visitors interact with the balloons, the sound data controls and influences the animations. However wen no visitors are inside and intreating with the installation area the animations entice them to enter.

Claudia Hart: Alice Unchained

Claudia Hart has been active as an artist, curator and critic since 1988. She works with digital trompe l’oeil as a medium, directing theater and making media objects of all kinds. These include multi-channel 3D animation installations, sculptures using industrial production techniques such as Rapid Prototyping, CNC routing, and virtual and mixed reality environments, and augmented-reality custom apps.


The Flower Matrix is a hybrid environment, using a custom augmented-reality application made for a physical installation in the real world.  This real-world environment will be a viewing lounge for a virtual-reality, software world created on both the HTC Vive and Samsung Gear platforms.The Flower Matrix uses Hart’s custom Looking Glass augmented-reality application for smartphone and tablet. It is used both for installation and as the set for experimental performance: Alice Unchained.

Chika: EN

Working as a graphic designer in the commercial industry and the underground experimental audiovisual scene for a decade in New York City has strongly influenced Chika’s artistic practice, shifting it from a one-way communication to the audience into a fully interactive experience that uses technology to establish a moment of co-creation with the public.Her work creates what she describes as the symphony of light: creating minimalist geometric shapes and visuals that explore dark space while inviting people to reinvent themselves through the relationship between objects and images. Light and sound are the main elements she uses in her installations, which are ultimately a visual performance that experiments with improvisational communication and immediate interaction with the audience in real time.

EN: 2017 

EN is a unique symphony of light installation that happens only during a collaboration between the artist and the audience through light and sound, allowing the users the amazing opportunity to co-create. Using the latest technology as a bridge between the LED light sculpture and the public,  the audience will create unexpected sound and light patterns in the darkness.

Stephan Moore: FromTroy

Stephan Moore is a composer, improviser, audio artist, sound designer, teacher, and curator based in Chicago. His creative work currently manifests as electronic studio compositions, solo and group improvisations, sound installation works, scores for collaborative performance pieces, and sound designs for unusual circumstances. Evidence, his long-standing project with Scott Smallwood, has performed widely and released several recordings over the past 15 years. He is the president of the American Society for Acoustic Ecology, and is a member of The Nerve Tank, a canary torsi, Composers Inside Electronics, and the Wingspace Theatrical Collective. He toured for several years as a musician with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, and has worked with artists as diverse as Pauline Oliveros, Anthony McCall, and Animal Collective. He is a lecturer in Sound Art and Sound Design in the Department of Radio, Television and Film at Northwestern University.


Fromtroy, is a concert/installation work for a 3D Sound Object. The passing of Moores’ mentor, collaborator and friend Pauline Oliveros ,whom often encouraged musicians to sound out the spaces they occupied, moved him to utilize the Geluso 3D Sound Object for this project. The Geluso activates the room’s acoustics and producing spatial effects. FROMTROY hopes to pay homage to Pauline’s memory and considerable legacy.

Sara Rothberg/ Yotam Mann: Blobchat

Sarah Rothberg is a multimedia artist working in a variety of formats: installations, virtual worlds, websites, writing. Her work conveys relationships between complex systems (the internet, global economics, human memory) and personal life, with a sense of humor and vulnerability. As of late, she has found herself swimming the depths in the current wave of Virtual Reality, as Direct of Experience at VRB (Samsung Accelerator), professor of “DIY VR” and “Directing Virtual Reality” at Tisch, NYU, and through her own virtual reality creations, which have been shown at venues such as Bitforms, Illinois State University Gallery, MUTEK festival, and most recently LACMA (with the Hereafter Institute).

Yotam Mann is a composer and programmer who creates interactive music in the form of apps, websites, and installations. He is driven by the idea that interactivity allows for new and exciting ways of engaging with music, transcending the composer/consumer relationship. He is a recipient of the Creative Capital Award in Emerging Fields category, an inaugural member of the New Museum Incubator and an adjunct professor at ITP, NYU Tisch, where he teaches Tone.js, a widely used javascript library he developed for creating interactive music in the browser.

Yotam and Sarah are longtime collaborators. Their work together is playful, reflective, and innovative, bringing together Sarah’s colorful visual style and concept-driven interaction design and Yotam’s talent for complex but accessible musical compositions and technical expertise.


Blobchat, is a musical virtual reality chat platform where users are blobs. It exists in the blob universe, parallel to our own, where misunderstanding is type of understanding. In Blobchat, you are a blob. When you talk, blob sounds blurp out. You hear the babbling of other blobs nearby. You can putter around and glom together and have intimate blabber about secrets, identity, whatever you want. Blobchat is an optimistic antidote to the ugly side of social media such as fake news and echo chambers.

Artist Scholarships were awarded to Seth Cluett, Merche Blasco, William Hooker, Monika Weiss and Ryan Soper.

The AIR-EARS Program is funded by the New York State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs,  the Jerome Foundation, the Aaron Copland Fund for Music and Friends of Harvesestworks.

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