[Apr 29] Introduction to Live Coding, LiveCode.NYC, and the Inspiration behind Regen Circuit

LiveCode.NYC members Indira Ardolic, Melody Loveless, and Ramsey Nasser will discuss live coding, LiveCode.NYC, and the inspiration behind Regen Circuit in a short-presentation (approx. 1 hour.) Stop by to learn more about the live coding, the live coding community in NYC, and to hear more about how this exhibition came to life. Continue reading

Feb 20-21 oyster by Joe Diebes

Tickets available for this week’s Tuesday and Wednesday performances of Joe Diebes new opera, OYSTER at Roulette.  Phil Soltanoff has worked his magic with the staging, and the performances from John Rose, Christina Campanella, Saori Tsukada, and Michael Chinworth are not to be missed! If you’re wondering what this Alan Lomax business… Continue reading


Creativity and the search for original solutions, creative coding, building of new compositions, performances and prototypes, requires the extension of intellectual tools, including the replacement of simple generative techniques with probabilistic methods as well as with methods related with randomness Date: Wednesday November 30 2016 Time:  6 pm – 10… Continue reading

[June 11] Birdsong Mimic Workshop: Mobile App to Installation Space by Max Kazemzadeh

This Birdsong Mimic Workshop introduces attendees to the overall structure for building and connecting interactive mobile apps, using the Ketai and Cassette Libraries, via a web server to automatically generate realtime kinetic events in an interactive installation anywhere in the world via Processing and Arduino. This investigation in ubiquitous computing,… Continue reading

[Mar 20] Physical Computing with Max/MSP and Arduino by Sam Tarakajian

In this workshop, we’ll look at how to get data from physical sensors into Max, and we’ll investigate techniques for working with that data in an organized way. Topics include voltage dividing sensors, building simple circuits, understanding the Arduino language, using Open Sound Control to send messages between applications, simple machine learning with… Continue reading