[May 16/17] Miah Artola: The Problem of Memory

“The Problem of Memory” features the custom software: APE (Audio Processing Etcher), created by artist Miah Artola and programmed by Thomas Martinez. This processor generates video and effects based upon sound frequencies and amplitude. This is an interactive installation that addresses the ways cognitive response is triggered through set patterns until they are opposed. Microphones are provided to allow viewers to participate in generating and impacting the ongoing visuals. Continue reading

Mind Of Michelangelo (Software)

Mind of Michelangelo® is a new software program developed with Harvestworks and Phillip Baldwin and Jim Albano for the purpose of rendering the human figure in an artistic way. The software also allows for rendering shadows as the subject moves and thus enhancing innovative compositional possibilities. Mind of Michelangelo® is… Continue reading

Singer/Songwriter Eleanor Dubinsky, Guitarist Vita Tanga and Visual Programmer Nick Garofoli

Eleanor Dubinsky, Vita Tanga and Nick Garofoli collaborate in an evening of hybrid music and video performance.  Eleanor and Vita will play original songs in English, French and Spanish while Nick manipulates video projections to create an interactive environment using the music, pre-recorded projections of people traveling through New York,… Continue reading