Independent Study and Certificate Programs

The Independent Study and Certificate programs have been developed in order to provide a more comprehensive training for artists interested in producing interactive media installations and performances. It requires students to take one-on-one tutorials according to an individually designed curriculum.

Artist/Instructor Melody Loveless and Resident Danny

The year-round program offers individualized, in-depth teaching and programming services. Participants receive one-on-one sessions tailored specifically to their needs and artistic goals, create a project that fits their individual curriculum and presents the project in our TEAM lab.

Our INDEPENDENT STUDY areas include:

Artist/Instructor Matthew Ostrowski and Fernando, a recent Max Certificate student.

Max/MSP/Jitter Independent Study for artists interested in the graphical programming environment — individuals of all skills levels and programming experience are welcomed. The 20 hour Max/MSP/Jitter Independent Study provides participants with all the tools needed to build custom software capable of creating multiple channel video pieces, surround sound and immersive environments, interactive installations, sound art, as well as the opportunity to pushing the boundaries of new media art into unexplored territory. Cost: $1900 plus $75/membership.

Melody Loveless is really a knowledgeable, thorough, kind, and considerate teacher and person. I have learned so much from Melody including the importance of MAX in my life moving forward as an artist and educator. – Cristian Amigo 2020 Independent Study

I particularly liked the openness of the staff and artists working and visiting there. Inspiration was around every corner! –Maike Zimmerman 2013 Study Resident

Studio Director Paul Geluso and media artist Victoria Vesna in the Audio Studio

Digital Audio Independent Study includes an introduction to the vocabulary of audio, basic audio hardware, an overview of how a recording studio functions, audio system troubleshooting, and MIDI. This 30 hour hands-on course takes place in our audio recording studio, and explores the basics of sound editing using Avid’s top-of-the-line ProTools system. Applications covered include microphone and recording techniques, digitizing, non-linear editing, multi-track mixing, digital effects processing and outputting to various formats including surround sound. The Certificate can further specialize in audio post production for film and video (including voice over recording, foley, working with surround, OMF files and Quicktime film references). Training Costs: $3500 plus $75/yr membership.

-Thank you for bringing me into the Harvestworks community. Looking forward to getting more involved! – Natalie Galpern 2016 – Independent Study Resident

3-channel video installation by Iki Nakagawa

– The Digital Video Independent Study will introduce you to the basics of video editing using Adobe Premiere and related digital media software (Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign). Skills covered include organizing and transcoding media, non-linear editing, titles, color correction, basic audio editing, video effects, and outputting for distribution and the web. This 20 hour program can further specialize in projection design and installation with Isadora. Cost: $1900 plus $75/membership

The training can begin anytime and the hours can be completed in time frame that best suits the participant’s schedule and the demands of the project. There is no limit to the number of certificates an individual can enroll in, and people interested in completing multiple certificates can develop each according to their own interests and goals. Students at academic institutions interested in linking the Certificate Program with their curriculum should contact Director Carol Parkinson for more information.

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