[June 2023 Events] New Music: The Evening Series and Electronic Art

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center announces June Events for our Art and Technology Program on Governors Island.  Opening on June 2nd with Oroboros a sound installation by Bob Bellerue (@halfnormal) followed by three weekends of new music performances in the evening and an electronic art exhibition.  This exciting new series… Continue reading

[June 2- 9] Bob Bellerue – Oroboros multichannel installation, and Eternities performance with Katie Porter 

Oroboros is a multichannel sound installation written in the Supercollider programming language.  An ever-changing sequence of vocal recordings are spatialized through a traditional speaker array of any size, with additional sound objects made out speaker drivers and resonant metal.  The system operates via an algorithmic process which never repeats, and… Continue reading

[Jun 9 – June 18] Electronic Arts RPI Exhibition

The RPI Electronic Arts exhibition showcases a host of immersive and interactive audio-visual installations, multichannel music compositions, and performances featuring live coding, and a special live event featuring Pauline Oliveros’ Expanded Instrument System (EIS). Opening Friday June 9, 2023 and Closing Sunday June 18, 2023Open to the public Friday, Saturday… Continue reading

[June 17] Anaïs Maviel, Rashaan Carter & Mimi A.

In the context of their joint research in the healing properties of music in electro-acoustic music performance, Rashaan Carter, Anaïs Maviel & Mimi A. invite you to join their work-in-progress immersive sound bath and binaural beats bouquet. At sunset, they invite you to experience meditative, minimalist and texturally rich music made of electric & acoustic… Continue reading

[June 23] Prismatic Xtychs: Meditations on Chance, Choice, and Action by Christina Wheeler

Prismatic Xtychs: Meditations on Chance, Choice, and Action is the second in a series of structured improvisation performances works meditating on chance and choice through gestural and sonic action. The audience hears an invocation/incantation to which they can choose to respond by a series of chance gestures that determine the structure of this premiering sonic performance work. The… Continue reading