Project Management Services

For the last 30+ years Harvestworks has offered artists on-site production studios, workshops and classes in emerging technologies. Based on our experience producing over 400 projects for our Artists In Residence Program these services have expanded into the ongoing Project Management Program that provides individual consulting and project realization to independent producers.

Our current services reflect the technological needs of sound and visual artists. We offer project management in sensor building, interactive performance systems and programming environments, immersive media systems for theater,  performance and listening experiences.

Harvestworks acts as a producer to help identify labor needs and organize the team for a project as well as offering advice on funding and distribution, acting as fiscal agent where necessary and forming partnerships with research facilities or independent experts in the field as needed.

Our staff of engineers employ complex engineering concepts in collaboration with our independent artists and producers who bring artistic and philosophical creativity and enquiry to the process.

Our resources include the  Audio Studio, beta testing capabilities in our workspace and previews in our lab. We also offer interactive programming services in Max/MSP/Jitter.  Rates for Project Management average $95/hr or $85/hr with membership.

Our clients include Paul Pfieffer, Simone Subal Gallery, Postmasters Gallery, Annea Lockwood, Atau Tanaka, Brian Brandt, Mari Kimura, Dafna Naphtali, Eric Singer, George Lewis, Toni Dove, Jacolby Satterwhite, JG Thirlwell, Morton Subtonick, Marina Rosenfeld, Pauline Oliveros, Stephen Vitiello, Rashaad Newsome, Victoria Vesna, Oberlin College, California Institute for the Arts and Rochester University.

Contact carolp[at]harvestworks[dot]org to schedule a free consultation.


Audio Studio

TEAM lab Workspace

Project Demo in our lab

Programmer Matt Ostrowski and Jill Taffet





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