Let’s Be Friends!
Yes – I would like to support Harvestworks’ adventurous projects in art and technology! Pick your color level and donate ONLINE NOW!

  • $___ ARTIST LEVEL selection allows you to input any amount in $20 increments.
  • $100: REGULAR: FRIENDS CIRCLE  donation (includes a free one-year membership)
  • $150: BLUE:  Our thanks to you is the NEW Early Immersive Music of Joan La Barbara BluRay Disc and CD Set
  • $300: YELLOW: Our thanks to you is the Early Immersive Music of Joan La Barbara BluRay Disc and CD Set and an original Buchla 100 faceplate donated by Harvestworks founder Gregory Kramer.
  • $500: RED: DOUBLE YOUR MONEY! Our Board of Directors will MATCH your contribution!
  • $____:  THE COLOR BARS selection allows you to input your own amount up to $5000.  Put your name on the   Supporters page of our website with this donation!

Composers and artists have always been visionaries and pioneers, and they continue to explore new ways to create art and new venues for its performance and exhibition. Your contribution will sustain our art center. We will be able to continue to provide open, accessible technology programs to young and seasoned artists globally.

“The residency at Harvestworks fulfilled all of my expectations, and opened up new areas for exploration in my sound and image practice. … The monthly salons were also critical- they exposed me to a range of creative practices and approaches that challenged me to take risks with my project, something that was encouraged by Harvestworks throughout the process”. – Art Jones

Want to get involved?

Join our Friends Program that is designed to offer you a chance to learn more about our community and to be a part of it. The program includes visits to our workspace, get-togethers with our artists and special invitations to our events, including the New York Electronic Art Festival. See our donation levels at the top of this page!

The exhibit came out wonderfully and thanks for your support and your work and commitment – Artist Josely Carvalho

Please let me know if you would like additional information. I am also available by phone at 212-431-1130 or email to carolparkinson[at] to discuss the benefits of becoming a DONOR or to ESTABLISH A CORPORATE MATCH for your contribution. Thank you for your consideration.


Carol Parkinson, Executive Director

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