Harvestworks offers general internships with a minimum commitment of 120 hours, working one day a week. Arrangements for full-time internships (from a couple of weeks up to a year) can be made. In return for time worked, interns can gain teaching experience through our “Interns Teach Interns” initiative, production experience with our Artists In Residence and receive access to lab equipment free of charge. Individual arrangements (e.g. in compliance with the requirements of your school) up to a full-time position can be made if necessary.

Based upon their background, interests, and the availability of projects, interns may work on audio, video or other technical projects, teach other interns and clients, assist clients or students, do marketing for Harvestworks, write press releases, maintain our computer lab, and perform administrative duties. We are interested in specialists in Max/MSP/Jitter,  Adobe Creative Cloud, Ableton, Processing and WordPress and other digital media tools. Specifically, we are looking for interns with skills from some (or all!) of the following areas:

  • Max/MSP/Jitter Programmers
  • Processing / OpenFrameworks / C++ / Java Programmers
  • Hardware Electronics Hackers
  • Grantwriting / Public Relations / Marketing
  • Social Media / New Marketing
  • Graphic Design / Web Design/Coding / Web Data Entry
  • Photography / Photo Editing
  • Videography / Video Editing

These are only some of the areas we work in, and if you have experience in another area that you believe would fit in well here, we encourage you to contact us or apply.

There are no forms: applications should include a full work resume and a cover letter describing interests, skills, term for which applying and what days you would be available. After initial review, qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Comments from our former Interns:

  • I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to work and learn among such inspiring artists and musicians – Naomi Harrison-Clay

We prefer that applications are emailed (in plain text format) to Carol Parkinson. Please don’t send work samples.

Internship Schedule & Application Deadlines

  1. Summer Term is May 1-August 31; the deadline to apply is April 1.
  2. Fall Term is September 1-December 31; the deadline to apply is August 1.
  3. Spring Term is January 1-April 30; the deadline to apply is December 1.

Interviews will be held the week after the deadline. If you’re not able to come in for an interview, please call and arrange a phone interview with Carol Parkinson.

+++ What’s happening right now? Here are some current interns projects:

  • Data Visualization/Sonification: In this group, interns at Harvestworks are using data to produce a performative installation. Seismic data is visualized and sonified as the destruction of our planet. The purpose of this installation is to explore the cyclical relationship between human and earth. Max MSP, processing, refinement in music composition, projection mapping, are the techniques used in creating this project.
  • The Harvestworks Twitter Symphony is a project in development, which involves the interactivity of the followers of Harvestworks. The goal is to perform an audio/visual piece using the data of tweets tagged with #harvestworks. Harvestworks will be asking its followers to tweet a note, and algorithms will process this data into the performance in real-time. Interns in this group are using programs such as Processing and Max / MSP to accomplish this goal.
  • The Hybrid AIR Instrument Group is a collaboration between artists in residence and interns at Harvestworks to create instruments using Max / MSP and Arduino. The group is focused on combining the interactivity of Arduino with the audio capabilities of Max / MSP to create instruments. Each member of the group is currently working on self-driven projects and is gaining support from the other group members.

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