[Feb 3] Color, Light, Motion Episode 22 with Ivana Dama: From Zero to Infinity: Otto Piene, Zero Group, and Their Legacy on Today’s Art

With featured artist Ivana Dama, a multi-media artist whose work explores the connection between sound, memory, and experience via audiovisual installation, robotics, music performance, and more. February 3rd, 2024 at 10:00am PST // 1:00pm EST ONLINE: Register Here COLOR, LIGHT, MOTION is an online series featuring media artists, scholars and educators in… Continue reading

[Jan 27, Feb 3, & Feb 10] TIP Master Class #2 with Bob Bellerue: Experimental Sound Practices

In this workshop, we will talk through various approaches to making a “signal chain” from ideas to audiences to archives.  Starting from an up-close demonstration of Bob’s setup for performances, we will discuss his approach to multidimensional sound using his core working tools of the matrix mixer, microphones / contact… Continue reading

[Dec 14] Solar Halo: an A/V Work for 16 Atmospheric Weather Stations and Live Performer by Julian Knowles 

Harvestworks is pleased to partner with Experimental Intermedia to present this performance of Julian Knowles (Australia). A night of electro-environmental audio works, including the premiere of ‘Solar Halo’ – a new AV work for solo performer and live data streaming from 10 atmospheric weather stations – 5 across the Australian… Continue reading

[Dec 14] Successive Actions by Simon Whetham

Harvestworks is pleased to partner with Experimental Intermedia to present composer Simon Whetham (Bristol, England)  who explores the energy and effects of sound, from resonance and psychoacoustic effects to the transduction of sound as movement and light. Recent projects find him repurposing obsolete consumer technology in kinetic audio-visual performances and installations     … Continue reading

[Oct 20 – Oct 29] Karkinos By Marta Grasso and Kevin Ramsay

Karkinos, is a sound installation that encompasses eleven terracotta sculptures, six exciters, and six solenoids. In this immersive project, the sculptures are brought to life by the exciters and solenoids are employed to produce rhythmic tapping sounds reminiscent of an MRI machine. Karkinos aims to confront our fears head-on and… Continue reading

[Oct 28] Aligned Illusion(AI) by Ti Wen Hsu, Yuting Tao, and Malu Laet

A 20-minute performance where Yuting Tao’s AI and AR visuals, Malu’s portrayal of a cyber-alchemist, and Ti Wen Hsu’s augmented viola set intersect. Three artists unite their expertise in AI training, non-human character embodiment, and experimental viola music to explore the fusion of nature, technology, and the spaces between them.… Continue reading

[June 30 – Oct 29] THE PROCESS – an art and tech exhibition

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center announces The Process – an art and tech exhibition for the 2023 Art and Technology Program on Governors Island.  Opening on June 30th with artworks exploring sonic holography, psychoacoustics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, neural networks and robotics by an intergenerational group of artists using technology… Continue reading

[Oct 29] Karkinos Closing Performance

Closing performance by Kevin Ramsay, Daxophone, Sam Yulsman, electronics and Lucie Vitkova’, voice and Hichiriki. Time: 5:30 pm Location: Harvestworks Art and Technology Program Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island FREE Excerpt from the performance About the performers: Sam Yulsman: collaborators: Jessie Cox, Roman Filiu, Anaïs Maviel, Brandon Lopez, Ashkan… Continue reading

[Sept 9] UnStumm – conversation of moving image and sound featuring Seth Cluett

UnStumm (https://unstumm.com/) is a project for real-time film and music (Echtzeitfilm) for cross-disciplinary and cross cultural collaboration between visual artists and musicians from Germany and other countries. It aims to create an environment of cultural and creative exchange, where a common complex artistic language is invented and used to communicate… Continue reading