Carol Parkinson [Executive Director]

The Executive Director of Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center whose professional services include presentations and arts panel reviews locally, nationally and internationally. She is primarily interested in the development of experimental electronic sound art and emerging technologies. Continue reading

Kevin Ramsay [Audio Engineer]

Kevin Ramsay is a composer, producer, recording/mixing/mastering/sound engineer, and musician on several critically acclaimed international albums. Brooklyn born and based, Ramsay’s work focuses primarily on theoretical, practical aspects of sound recording/reproduction with unpredictable pairings of acoustic and electronic instruments. Kevin’s current works explore new ways to capture, mix, and process… Continue reading

Danielle McPhatter: Interdisciplinary Programmer

Danielle McPhatter is an interdisciplinary programmer, musician and artist interested in alternative modes of storytelling.  She expresses her passions for the sonic and visual arts via the creation of interactive narrative experiences, games and installations. Her experience with virtual and augmented realities, motion tracking, creative programming and physical computing in… Continue reading

Melody Loveless [Max Programmer and Instructor]

Melody Loveless is an artist, musician, performer and educator who works with creative and interactive technologies. Her expertise includes teaching first-time users and programmers, consulting other educators on curriculum, and showing artists how to incorporate Max into their practice to create interdisciplinary projects. She believes in technology’s potential to empower… Continue reading