Max/MSP/Jitter Certificate

& related technologies

 Harvestworks offers year-round individualized, in-depth teaching and programming services as part of our Certificate Program for artists. Participants receive one-on-one sessions tailored specifically to their needs and artistic goals, create a project that fits their individual curriculum and presents the project in our TEAM lab.

Harvestworks offers a Max/MSP/Jitter Certificate for artists interested in the graphical programming environment — individuals of all skills levels and programming experience are welcomed. The Max/MSP/Jitter Certificate provides participants with all the tools needed to build custom software capable of creating

  • Multichannel Video Pieces
  • Surround Sound and Multichannel Audio
  • Immersive Environments (VR and AR in Unity)
  • Interactive installations (through the use of computer vision and sensor data)
  • Sound art and Electronic Music Tools
  • Custom Human Computer Interfaces (using Arduino and Raspberry Pi)
  • Max for Live Devices
  • Web Scraping for Data Visualization and Sonification Pieces
  • Generative and Interactive Video for Video Mapping Software (such as MadMapper, VDMX and Resolume)
  • DMX Lighting Control that is Interactive or Sound Responsive
  • Map movement in physical space to video effects and sound using the Kinect

With over 100 participants since its inception, the Certificate Program has included musicians, video artists, filmmakers, DJs and VJs, artists working with physical computing and analog electronics, sculptors, dancers, students and interested individuals of all backgrounds.

The Max/MSP/Jitter Certificate includes 20 hours of one-on-one training with our team of Max experts, programmer-artists, and project advisors, many of whom have worked with Max for 20 years. Max experts who teach or have taught in our program include Dafna Naphtali, Matthew Ostrowski,  Tommy Martinez, Melody Loveless, Sofia Paraskeva, Adam Rokhsar,Zachary Seldess, R. Luke DuBois, Konrad Kaczmarek, and Peter McCulloch. Participating artists receive project support in one-on-one training sessions, unlimited time in our computer labs, and access to our assistant teachers for additional programming and technical support. At the end of the program, artists may chose to present their work in final showing hosted by Harvestworks.

Training costs $1900. Advanced Training Program Costs: $2200.  Participants need to be a member of Harvestworks to enroll in the program. Membership costs $75/year.

“I’m having a great time with Tommy, and learning tons. I also have a nice studio set up in my apartment and I am getting lots done, so all to say this is exactly what I was hoping for.” – Composer Scott Deal 2016 – Independent Study Resident

The training can begin anytime and the 20 hours can be completed in time frame that best suits the the participant’s schedule and the demands of the project. There is no limit to the number of certificates an individual can enroll in, and people interested in completing multiple certificates can develop each according to their own interests and goals. Students at academic institutions interested in linking the Certificate Program with their curriculum should contact Director Carol Parkinson for more information. 

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