[Artists Studios] Governors Island 2020: Valérie Hallier

Valérie Hallier’s: Scream Now

Inspired by the French Medieval “crieur public”, ScreamNow is the first public screaming booth of an upcoming series. The artwork takes a fundamental yet repressed human expression to generate visuals. ScreamNow : Inside/Out reflects our current social distancing and deeply transformative times. The new set up expands in space with a studio, adding the concept of Inside/Out to the project’s original purpose of offering a sanctuary for people to scream their heart out. The screams generated from inside are released outside, shielded by the open booth structure. Recorded via a microphone in the booth, the screams are processed inside of the studio. Flower petals picked outside are covering the walls of the studio where the recorded screams are transformed into visuals and projected back in and out of the booth. The screamer can instantly visualize the power generated by her voice. Hallier’s work explores how control and its release color the dynamics between the natural, the human and the technological realms. Her multimedia work aims to break away from the patriarchal hegemony of vision as our primary sense. By stimulating all senses, the artist’s goal is to offer spaces where meaningful experiences can be created and new scenarii on being can be imagined.

The artist will be present on the following days to host visitors. An RSVP to screamnow44@gmail.com is required to participate.

Time: 2 pm and 5 pm

Tuesdays 22nd – 29th – Oct 6th – 13th

Wednesdays Sept 16th – 23rd – 31st – October 7th – 14th

“Don’t Touch Me” 2020, Trestle Art Space, H: 8 x W: 10.25 x D: 1.5 ft, pressed rose petals, adhesive paper, glue.
Simulation with the inside of the studio view
The screamer will instantly see the visual manifestations of her screams.

Photo: Jelle Wagenaar

-“Hallier’s work follows an integrative continuum that utilizes technology as tool and object, generating an exquisite tension between the humanistic and mechanistic sense of Being.” Julie Escalona. 

Hallier’s early multimedia work has received prizes at ACM Siggraph (FL), SCAN Arts Symposium (PA), Ars Electronica in Finland and Anima Mundi in Brazil. She has shown her work internationally, in the US with most recently a solo show at NARS Foundation this past February 2020, at BRIC Arts Media, MediaNoche gallery and CAS Arts Center in New York. In Europe, solo shows venues include the ESAM in Caen, France and Nadiana Idriss gallery in Berlin, Germany. Group shows in the US include Trestle gallery, A.I.R. gallery, BRIC, Brooklyn Council for the Arts and Dumbo Arts Center in Brooklyn, SVA Flatiron gallery and Tribes galleries in Manhattan, and The Housatonic Museum (CT).

Hallier worked on a commission for the Drawing Center (NYC) and was selected for BRIC’s first edition Biennial in Brooklyn. Residencies include LMCC Swing Space artist residency on Governors Island, Pioneer Works, NARS Foundation, Trestle Art Space and currently Harvestworks New Work Residency in NYC.  http://www.valeriehallier.com

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