Carol Parkinson [Executive Director]

The Executive Director of Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center whose professional services include presentations and arts panel reviews locally, nationally and internationally. She is primarily interested in the development of experimental electronic sound art and emerging technologies. Continue reading

Kevin Ramsay [Audio Engineer]

Engineer Kevin Ramsay is a graduate  The Institute Of Audio Research. As one of the staff engineers for Harvestworks, he has  recorded, mix and mastered a various array of projects including 5.1 and 7.1 sound installations Hypercartogram by Art Jones and Memory Scapes by Emilio Vavarella. With an unwavering desire… Continue reading

Melody Loveless [Max Programmer]

Melody Loveless is a Brooklyn based composer and creative technologist who experiments and creates works for digital media, and acoustic and electronic instruments.   Her work is influenced by story-telling, science, crossing between mediums and genres, and interactive art. She has had the opportunity to work with many great musicians… Continue reading