[Sept 22] Microcosmopolitan – live video/audio stream

Live video and audio stream / remix of Microcosmopolitan, the new recording by CHATTER BLIP, the duo of Chuck Bettis and Dafna Naphtali. Microcosmopolitan was released on Contour Editions along with 2 poems with Shelley Hirsch inspired by the music, in March 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. Chuck and Dafna now return to working together in a collaborative online audio/video remix – reimagining the release as a socially-distanced interactive performance for Harvestworks Twitch TV.

Date: September 22nd 2022

Time: 5pm


credit: (anonymous drawing, 18th century)

CHATTER BLIP is the longtime project of Bettis (electronics/throat) and Naphtali (electronics/processing/voice) — interstellar multi-character audio operettas involving a multitude of human, alien, and machine voices, in a mash-up of primal and classic sci-fi, noise and electro-acoustics, in genre-crossing performances since 2006.  Their first album, “Chatter Blip” was released on Acheulian Handaxe label in 2013.

Bettis and Naphtali Photo by David First (2019)

CONTOUR EDITIONS is a platform focused on presenting the work of contemporary artists that are exploring the various possibilities of sound and moving image. Founder/director Richard Garet’s objective is to make accessible time-based works that are engaged with notions of listening, vision, media exploration, materiality, process, and concept. These publications take the shape of online listening and/or viewing works, multi-channel sound installations, post-installation material, text/speech, and more. Contour Editions continued effort is to reach audiences globally on a personalized level, facilitating the presentation of independent original works of art. subsequently, establishing a community of artists sharing similar interests towards incrementally instituting a significant archive of media works.   https://www.contoureditions.com/

The release liner notes include two dedicated poems by vocalist/composer/writer Shelley Hirsch inspired by the music. The album is also available on Spotify, Bandcamp, and iTunes.

•       BIOS

CHUCK BETTIS was raised in the fertile harDCore soil, nourished within Baltimore’s enigmatic avant garde gatherings, and currently blossoming in New York’s downtown musical tribe. His unique blend of electronics and throat has led him into various collaborations with great musicians from around the globe.

He has performed live collaborations with John Zorn, Fred Frith, Matmos, Yoshimio, Mephista and Afrirampo to name a few, recorded & played live with; Ikue Mori, Nautical Almanac, Berangere Maximin, Yellow Swans, Toshio Kajiwara, Jad Atoui, etc, plus a long history of punk bands he was in (most notably the experimental punk band Meta-matics as well as the enigmatic All Scars). Bettis has also created soundtracks for short films by Motoko Fukuyama & provided live music for the Move Move Collective dance performances.

Current working groups are; Snake Union with Dave Grant, Die Trommel Fatale with Brandon Seabrook/Marika Hughes/Eivind Opsvik/Henry Fraser/Dave Treut/Sam Ospovat/John McCowen Chatterblip with Dafna Naphtali and Mossenek with Mick Barr & Colin Marston, as well as improvising, recording, or composing with an array of musicians from around the world.

DAFNA NAPHTALI is an electronic-musician, singer, composer-improviser-performer of experimental, interactive electro-acoustic music using her custom Max/MSP programming for live sound processing (of voice and other instruments). She also creates works for multi-channel audio, music robots, and interactive soundwalks. She draws on an eclectic musical background in jazz, classical, rock and near-eastern music, to interprets Cage, Stockhausen and contemporary composers, and works in projects with well-regarded musicians around the world. Support has included: New York Foundation for the Arts, NYSCA, Brooklyn Arts Council, Franklin Furnace, American Composers, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, American Music Center, Brecht Forum, and Signal Culture in Owego, NY and Harvestworks (where she is a 2019 Artist-in-Residence). Herrecordings and collaborations include “What is it Like to be a Bat?” digital punk trio with  Kitty Brazelton (Tzadik), “Pulsing Dot” duo with Gordon Beeferman (piano/voice/live-processing, Clang), Chatter Blip with Chuck Bettis (Acheulian Handaxe), and “Ear to Ivory” (2019) with Kathleen Supové, nominated as “best eclectic album of the year” by 2020 Independent Music Awards. Dafna’s audio-augmented reality soundwalks are free apps (iOS/Android) for U-GRUVE AR platform by Richard Rodkin– the Walkie Talkie Dreams soundwalks (walkietalkiedreams.org) run 24/7 WIlliamsburg Brooklyn, Washington Square Park New York City and Hamburg Germany.

“luminary” (Time Out)  “extraordinary experimental vocalist” (Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery).  “Brilliant and dangerous” (All Music Guide).


“Bettis’s growls scrapes, and moans coalesce into an abstract sonic statement”  (Marc Masters, Bandcamp) “integral part of the downtown music scene” (Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery)

“luminary” (Time Out)  “extraordinary experimental vocalist” (Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery).  “Brilliant and dangerous” (All Music Guide).



http://dafna.info/     http://dafna.info/chatter-blip/ 


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