[Sept 8] 1+1=3 Performance: Rescheduled

Sunday Sept 8, 4 – 5 pm, Building 10A Nolan Park, Governor’s Island

1 + 1 = 3
A Performance by Ben Manley, Michael Evans, and Peter Zummo.

Sounds will be brought together from far apart, with widely spaced outdoor microphones routed to indoor loudspeakers.  Michael Evans and Peter Zummo will add sounds to the ambient sounds of Nolan Park.  Outdoor sounds will be directed to Building 10a for re-broadcasting indoors with a quadraphonic loudspeaker array.  Ben Manley will mix and sometimes process the live sounds, exploring outdoor time delays and other audible artifacts that are possible with four microphones in a rough square of 100 feet.  

photo was taken by the artist in the Anza-Borrego Desert while recording with distantly placed microphones

Ben Manley is a sound engineer and sound experimenter.  He has engineered or recorded thousands of concert events at venues including the Whitney Museum, Dia Art Foundation, Roulette, Jack Tilton Gallery, The Guggenheim, Symphony Space, DiMenna Center, and The Stone, for artists as diverse as La Monte Young, Alvin Lucier, Sarah Weaver, Daniel Goode, Connie Crothers, RoseAnne Spradlin, and others.  As a solo performer, he presents abstract soundscapes in concerts and installations.  New and developing interests include placing microphones at great distances from each other to collapse or re-broadcast outdoor sound.   

“Manley has a whimsical imagination.”  Kyle Gann, Village Voice

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