[Sept 14 – Oct 27] RED-Splice by Richard Garet +Performance

Richard Garet creates a luminous-red idiosyncratic environment where visitors are invited to inhabit and listen to RED- Splice; an octophonic composition dedicated to enhance the nuances of sound in space and the activations of body and mind while immersed in red light.  LOCATION: Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors island INSTALLATION: Weekends from… Continue reading

[Sept 14 – Oct 27] I Hear You by Irene Mamiye

I Hear You is an interactive installation in which viewers speak into a microphone. As they do so, their conversations are processed using a custom speech-to-text algorithm developed. Key terms are input as queries into an image bank like Google Images, Getty Images, or Instagram; the resulting images are displayed,… Continue reading

[June 1 – Aug 11] Fragility: An Exploration of Polyrhythms by Susie Ibarra

Created by Susie Ibarra in collaboration with choreographer Souleymane Badolo, an Asia Society commission. Fragility: An Exploration of Polyrhythms created by drummer/composer Susie Ibarra in collaboration with choreographer Souleymane Badolo is a new immersive performance/installatioin. Using polyrhythms as a model for human interdependence, Ibarra captures the concept of fragility through… Continue reading

[June 1 – Aug 11] BikeBox R(i)de by LoVid

BikeBox R(i)de, 2018 is an installation comprised of a 45 min silent video and 5 photos printed on plexiglass. The project was produced in collaboration with a group of youth from a bike-shop at Experimental Station in Chicago. The work was made by attaching a custom-made camera onto a bicycle… Continue reading

June 2019 Newsletter

NYEAF Begins with Teens Take the Met We participated in Teens Take the Met on May 31st. Carol and a team of excited interns aimed to inspire young minds with Harvestwork’s Arp 2600, Doepfer EURO Rack system and the music making software Max/MSP/Jitter. June 1 saw the Opening of Physical and Digital:… Continue reading