1996 Presentations

January 12
Composer David Rosenboom discussed the creation of “Music From…On Being Invisible II (Hypatia Speaks to Jefferson in a Dream),” a unique, self-organizing, multimedia performance work.

January 30
Cynthia Allen demonstrated PAD, a 3-D navigational interface designed by Ken Perlin at the NYU Media Research Lab. Artist Richard Lainhart presented videotape and computer-based playback of work created with Electric Image Animation Systems.

February 7
Duane Whitehurst focused on current trends in online interaction and discussed technical innovations on the horizon. Of particular interest was JAVA, “a language for writing computer programs.” Adrianne Wortzel presented her interactive “hyper-narrative” and the development of “MusEleanor,” a “fictive electronic chronicler of our times.”

February 8
Kevin Centanni discussed new tools available for artists to add custom interactive features to projects or installations, including “triggering responses via MIDI, infrared sensing and driving peripherals from laser ports.” Composer Nick Didkovsky discussed his real-time computer music software.

November 1
A behind-the-scenes look at how the Douglas Dunn Dancers incorporated Joshua Fried’s wireless interactive performance technology into their work.

November 8
Choreographer Dawn Stoppiello and composer Mark Coniglio (artistic directors of Troika Ranch) discussed the aesthetic and practical issues raised when integrating interactive technology and live performance. Coniglio presented “MidiDancer,” a system of sensors allowing a dancer to control music, light, and video.

November 15
Karthik Swaminathan and BAvant collaborated on “Mobile Hi-Fi Lounge,” an interactive arts show on the Internet: “Utilizing sound interaction and MIDI streaming, the audience is allowed to jam in real time in the same key.”

November 16
The artists Bernadette Speech and Jeffrey Schanzer presented their composition “Voices Against the Death Penalty, Part One: From Death Row, This is Mumia Abu-Jamal,” performed by the chamber ensemble Essential Music.
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