1998 Sponsored Projects

Shelly Hirsch

States (1998)
Shelley Hirsch received a grant from the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust to record two new compositions for compact disc release on Tellus Audio Series. “States” is a complex soundscape that mixes polyphonic renditions of American pop songs (“Blue Moon” and “Blue Skies”), cocktail lounge monologues, techno music, exotica, Bulgarian choral singing, and the Firebird Suite, all strung together in a stew of electronically-treated found sounds.

Jose Halac

Scream (1998)
“Scream” uses various computer applications to generate, process, and organize sounds. The source sounds are recorded scream of a male voice, the same voice singing an Argentinean folk song and a layer of chords for harmonic background. The source sounds were processed with digital filters and granular synthesis algorithms using the program C-Sound, while the MAX environment devices rhythmic combinations of them that later are placed together in Pro-Tools program.

Paul Geluso

When (1998)
A site-specific performance at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC for the architectural space of the museum’s window front. Paul Geluso composed a minimalistic continuous 57-minute piece for four bowed double bass. The work was amplified on the street causing a curiosity for those within earshot so as to lead them to the site.

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