2000 New Works Residencies

New Works Residencies

Zoe Beloff

Zoe Beloff (Film/Video) for the completion of the soundtrack for her stereoscopic 16mm b&w film entitled Shadow Land From the Other Side. The film’s title is taken from the 1897 autobiography of Elizabeth d’Esperance, a materializing medium who could produce full body apparitions. Zoe is a Digital Media Artist and FIlmmaker who has completed two CDRom’s; WHERE WHERE THERE THERE WHERE and BEYOND as well as many films since 1987.

Lawrence Brose

Lawrence Brose (Film/Video) for the completion of his film Crossing, which focuses on the use of rare 8mm footage. Lawrence continues his Structural/Materialist film practices and his committment to Queer avant-garde cinema with this new work. Lawrence has been showing his films since 1983 and is the Executive Director of CEPA Gallery in Buffalo.

Nayda Collazo-Llorens

Nayda Collazo-Llorens (Interdisciplinary) for the completion of a digital work which combines sounds, still images, video clips and animations which will be projected outdoors and put on the internet. The work deals with concepts of time, memory and space. Nayda is based in Puerto Rico and has been creating mixed-media works since 1990.

Maureen Connor

Maureen Connor (Installation) for the completion of her project for her solo exhibition at the Queens Museum of Art in 2000. The work will include video/animation and will be connected to the panorama at The Queens Museum which was originally created for the museum in 1965. Maureen has been showing her sculptural and installation works since 1981.

Bruce Gremo

Bruce Gremo (Web) for the completion of a text based musical/visual/theatrical performance piece for the web entitled Talkative Gods. Bruce will be collaborating with the actor Joel De La Fuente and computer artist/website designer Aureia Harvey. Bruce is a feelance composer based in NYC.

Tana Hargest

Tana Hargest (Web/Installation) for the completion of her project Bitter Nigger, Inc. which uses the language of corporate America to address issues of race and culture and will be video and web-based. The project is focused on “discovering, developing and bringing to market innovative cultural interventions to save, protect, and enhance lives.” Tana is in the process of completing the AIM program at The Bronx Museum.

Holland Hopson

Holland Hopson (Installation) for the completion of his project called With Hidden Noise which is a recreation of a piece that Duchamp created in 1916. Holland’s version will include sencors and electronic sound. Holland is a performer/multimedia installation artist and is the Director of Engine 27 in NYC.

Drew Krause

Drew Krause (Installation) for the completion of the primary sound material for an installation which will include grammatical transformation, lexical splicing and rhythmic/contour mapping of selected texts from self-help and motivational literature. Drew is a composer and has been creating performed works since 1987.

John Pilson

John Pilson (Installation) for the completion of a video entitled Interregna which will be a part of a larger multimedia installation. The project is concerned with lapses in continuity or control within the structured environment of the modern coporate workplace. John has been showing his work since 1990 and was included in the Visionaries show at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, CA.

Nadine Robinson

Nadine Robinson (Installation) for the completion of the audio portion of an audio/painting installation project entitled Tower Hollers. The audio will be a chorus of voices of protest and labor to represent the blue collar and service employees of the World Trade Center. Nadine has been showing her work since 1996 at many spaces on the East Coast.

Maritess Zurbano

Maritess Zurbano (Art Performance) for the completion of a performance which includes a film projected onto a flat rotating screen. The work intends to “suspend the belief systems of the audience, as they simultaniously reconsider the relationship between reality, art and magic.” Maritess is an artist and professional magician based in California.

Karen Yasinsky

Karen Yasinsky (Film/Video) for the completion of a work which uses stop motion animation to explore emotional/sexual complexities and will be completing a 10 min. work with a special focus on the sound design. Karen has shown her paintings and video since 1990, most recently at Casey Kaplan Gallery in SoHo.

Sasha Sumner

Sasha Sumner (Film/Video) for the completion of a video which is a drama from the underworld called None but the Brave. All of the actors were selected from Project Renewal which is a live-in detox rehabilitation facility for the homeless. Sasha has been working in video since 1987.

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