2003 Presentations

Gary Lee Nelson
February 20
Nelson will present new media works including interactive pieces using MAX/MSP/JITTER and a screening of several short films made in collaboration with painter/filmmaker Christine Gorbach. Nelson teaches at Oberlin College and has performed more than 250 concerts in the US and abroad since 1987. Funded in part by Meet The Composer.

Brenda Hutchinson
April 28
A performance with the Long Tube and interactive interface that she has designed for MAX/MSP. In addition to live sampling and playback during performance, the interface triggers samples and changes in virtual acoustic space. Brenda was recently awarded an individual artist fellowship in Media from the California Arts Council and has also received comissions from the American Composers’ Forum, NEA and Meet The Composer/Reader’s Digest. Brenda is currently on the faculty of Bard College.

Jody Zellen & Tomie Arai
February 24
Jody Zellen, an LA-based artist, will present “Disembodied Voices”, a web project illustrating the collision of personal/private and public space. Using cell phone sounds and images of the urban environment, this project looks at how private conversations have become public spectacles. Harvestworks Certificate Student Tomie Arai is an installation artist who recently designed her first webproject, “Triple Happiness,” a document of the experiences of Asians of mixed heritage.

Bill Fontana
February 28
Bill Fontana is an American artist internationally known for his experimental work in sound. Fontana regards the physical environment as a living source of musical information, with aesthetic and evocative qualities that can conjure up visual imagery. The artist will talk about past and future works including “Falling Echos”, his recent commission by Creative Time for the exhibition “Consuming Places”.

Max/MSP/Jitter fair
March 10
In this day-long fair Harvestworks Residents Andrea Parkins, Douglas Henderson and Joseph Reinsel will perform a wide range of artworks created with Max/MSP/Jitter. The artists and Harvestworks’ engineers will be available to answer questions.

Experience Surround Sound
March 10
Chief Engineer Paul Geluso will demonstrate a variety of 5.1 Surround Sound works. This new standard for audio recording adds space as an exciting dimension to sound recordings and installations. New markets open up for artists as DVD and surround sound becomes popular in the home and for art exhibits.

David First
March 24
“Music of the Sphere” Operation:Kracpot is a concept band formed to explore, exploit and emulate the frequencies emitted by the human brain and the Earth’s magnetic field. Performers include David First – guitars/synthesizer/Max/MSP programming, Lisa Karrer – voice, Dafna Naphtali – synthesizer/Max/MSP programming, Jim Pugliese – percussion and David Simons – percussion, sampler.

Holland Hopson
March 31
A 4-channel audio installation using Marcel Duchamp’s “With Hidden Noise” sculpture as a controller. The replica of the sculpture will control the sounds of machines (coffee grinders, railroads, pulleys, spinning disks, etc) intended to conjure aural images relating to Duchamp’s work. Holland is a composer currently living in Texas.

Zack Settel
April 7
Zack Settel will perform “Punjar,” a work for solo soprano saxophone and interactive electronic improvisation which marries hi-tech with lo-tech, as electrified skateboards and kitchen utensils are combined with saxophone and guitar and subjected to real-time Digital Signal Processing. Settel composes music full-time and teaches composition at the University of Montreal.

Studio Fair
April 12
Held from 12:00-5:00pm the Harvestworks Studio Fair will introduce vistors to our studios and engineers.

Kurt Ralske and the 242.pilots
April 14
The 242.pilots (HC Gilje / Lukasz Lysakowski / Kurt Ralske) will present their real-time video performance system accompanied with a discussion of their strategies for improvising with images (and simultaneously with sound). Their DVD ” Live in Bruxelles” is nominated for an Image Award at Transmediale.03 Festival in Berlin.

Chico Macmurtrie
April 21
A 3-machine performance with the YoYo Pay drums. The YoYo Pay drums are part of the community of 60 interactive, computer-controlled robotic sculptures that perform in creative, technological concert with one another. Chico MacMurtrie is the artistic Director of Amorphic Robot Works. “ARW” is an award-winning collaboration of artists, technicians and programmers that make sculptural anthropomorphic robots and robotic performance environments.

Joshua Fried and the Lemur Orchestra
May 12
Joshua will perform a work in progress for computer and odd objects. Downtown experimenter Joshua Fried has played at Lincoln Center, Bang On a Can and the HERE Art Center, plus LA, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Prague. His recording “Jimmy Because” was released by Atlantic Records.

Birth of George CD Release Party
May 15
Tellus release party for Lisa Karrer and David Simons’s new Birth of George CD.

*Listen, Send, Tell*
June 13
Creative Time and Harvestworks are co-hosting the New York site of *Listen, Send, Tell* : a live online collaborative intervention of word/image surges triggered by sound, by Isabelle Jenniches (in New York) and Michelle Teran (in Rotterdam), with Radiotopia (in Graz).

Surround Sound Series, a continuation of our “Listen In” Series for Summer 2003. 

Jerri Allyn
July 10
Allyn will present an audio tour of her recent installation, “A Chair is a Throne is A Freedom Fighter’s Camp Stool,” produced in collaboration with award-winning radio producer Helene Rosenbluth. “A Chair is a Throne is a Freedom Fighter’s Camp Stool” consists of 21 life size chairs with CD players in the design of every seat for the public to listen to audio stories and soundscapes that act as portraits of people who are resolving conflicts creatively or have rendered thought-provoking alternatives to punishment. The chairs are set in a continuously changing formation, inviting audience members to experience how seating arrangements affect communication.

Bruce Gremo & Hans Tammen

July 17
“Risk Management” determines itself by strategies through which the two players force themselves constantly into unfamiliar terrain. The musical tension resides in the response to this unknown, and both are experts in navigating between the common and the obscure. Computers allow them to travel with multiple identities through a complex landscape. This time the topography is defined by Harvestworks’ state-of-the-art 5.1 Surround Sound system, encircling the audience as it will join the artists on their adventurous journey.

Latasha Diggs

July 24
Latasha N. Nevada Diggs’ audio project “Television” explores a myriad of spoken word, sound bits and electronic vocal manipulationdives to examine how television is used as escape and therapy to not only working poor African American women but also to the masses. Diggs will perform excerpts from her residency that feature vocal loops and soundscapes created with the Line 6 delay modeler and Kaoss Effects pads.

Experience Surround Sound II
August 7
Harvestworks’ chief engineer Paul Geluso will demonstrate and discuss works by artists who have utilized 5.1 Surround Sound technology. This new standard for audio recording adds space as an exciting dimension to sound recordings and installations, opening up new markets for artists as DVD technology and surround sound become more popular in the home and gallery.

Kenta Nagai: Microphone Amplification
August 14
Kenta Nagai’s “shimmering#4” is one in a series of aural contemplations on risk, tension and human nature. Nagai begins by producing feedback with tiny condenser microphones whose initial output is controlled with extremely subtle hand gestures. Using an assortment of foot pedals and digital controls, Nagai harmonizes and orchestrates layers of sound. Sampled feedback and continuously self-generating new tones are used together in creating the composition.

August 21
“psi” is a Brooklyn, NY based electro-acoustic trio featuring Jaime Fennelly (electronics), Chris Forsyth (guitar), and Fritz Welch (drums & amplified percussion).

September 8
Works by Harvestworks’ artist/engineers and artist/educators including Carlton Bright, Iki Nakagawa, LIsa Oppenheim, Mary Magsamen & Stephan Hillerbrand, Jojo Whilden, Shaun Irons & Lauren Pett, and Terry Nauheim.

Mark Eisenstein & Yasuaki Nakajima
September 22
Harvestworks presents Studio Project Films: Mark Eisenstein’s “God Is On Their Side” followed by Yasuaki Nakajima’s “After the Apocalypse”.

Bruce Wands
September 29
Wands presents “Variations 703,” an interactive music installation recently exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2003 in San Diego, CA.

Yael Acher
October 6
As a flutist and composer in multiple genres, Yael Acher’s Solo Flute & electronics performance gives expression to her free improvisation and eclecticism. Acher uses polyrhythm, polytonality and atonality with the deep, burning, cool pulse of jazz and a variety of ritualistic elements inspired by nomadic cultures. In this performance, Acher´s flute is connected via Max/MSP to the electronic audio system to create real time soundscapes in a structured but freeform style.

Iki Nakagawa & Torsten Burns
October 20
Iki Nakagawa presents “On The Table”, an installation commissioned by Harvestworks wih NYSCA funds. Torsten Burns (AIR 2003) presents “Extending trainer: Pressure Suits & Broom Crafts”, an experimental video.

Ana Busto & Jerome Annum
October 27
Ana Busto (AIR 2003) presents “Cuban Boxing”, a new video work and other pieces. Jerome Annum, (AIR 2003) presents new video work.

Wago Kreider & Alison Crocetta
November 10
Wago Kreider (AIR 2003) will present “Menagerie of the City”, a new video work, Alison Crocetta (AIR 2003) presents “Reveal/Clear/Fill”, super-8 films.

Video Screening 2003
November 14
Harvestworks presents a video screening curated by Sara Reisman, independent curator and 2002-03 Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellow in the Whitney Independent Study Program.

Ariel Bustamante & Matt Ostrowski
November 24
International MAX/MSP Certificate Artist Ariel Bustamante will present new work. Matthew Ostrowski (AIR 2003) will present his “Telemusic”, a new Internet-based audio work.

Stuart Argabright
December 1
Stuart will present music from the “NowThenAfter” Collection of electronic music he has produced for Harvestworks, as well as a selection from “The Bi Conicals Of The Rammellzee” Album, remixed and rendered in 5.1 by Paul Geluso. A producer and director who has worked in music and multimedia in NYC since 1978, Stuart has created The Futants, Ike Yard, Dominatrix, DCC aka Death Comet Crew, The Voodooists, black rain and Dystopians.

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