2005 Presentations

Alternate Controllers
Harvestworks presents “Alternate Controllers,” a series of eight concerts focusing on contemporary intersections of art and technology. Central to this series is the exciting way that musicians and composers assimilate various machines into their creative processes. From Bruce Gremo and Jeff Fedderson’s compositions for shakuhachi and digital mouthpiece to Andrea Polli’s translation of evolving climate data into live sound sculpture, the presenting artists not only expand the boundaries of traditional instrumentation but also humanize electronics through creative means.

Andrea Polli
March 14, 2005
Andrea Polli will perform works using climate data from the “Heat and the Heartbeat of the City” and the “Arctic Oscillation” projects created in collaboration with Joe Gilmore,UK web artist and programmer. Also, Steve Symons (www.muio.org) will present his new USB system for sensing and effecting the real world.

David Stout
March 19 2005
“SignalFire” (2003) – a video-sound performance exploring interactive techniques to generate sound and image from a digitally generated stream of video noise. A Harvestworks Interactive Residency.

Shadow Puppies and Lemur GuitarBots
March 21, 2005
Shadow Puppies and Lemur GuitarBots – a cutting edge trio which conjures rich. complex, and entrancing worlds of electronic sound and vision in real-time. Nick Didkovsky and Hans Tammen stretch the boundries of the electric guitar with an arsenal of objects, electronics, and homebrew computer software. Simultaneasly, Kurt Ralske interactively captures and processes video using digital technology of his own design. Shadow Puppies will present the New York premiere of “Prometheus,” and the Lemur MultiTouch Control Surface will be featured.

Bruce Gremo and Jeff Feddersen
March 28, 2005
Bruce Gremo and Jeff Feddersen will perform new compositions for shakuhachi (a traditional Japanese vertical bamboo flute), and the “Cilia,” an electronic instrument/controller inspired by the shakuhachi. The Cilia mouthpiece is capable of responding to the shakuhachi’s complex way of generating pitch but provides direct control over the computer sound generating preocesses. and does not have a sound of its own. A Harvestworks Interactive Residency.

James Fei
April 4, 2005
James Fei will perform new solo compositions for live electronics controlled by unusual analog interfaces. Also, a work by Chris Jordan from SHARE, the community for portable performers, for the Lemur Multitouch Control Surface.

Guillermo Brown
April 11, 2005
Selections from “Black Dreams 1.0” on laptop and Zen Drum accompanied by video by Laura Steele.

Nicolas Collins
April 18, 2005
Nicolas Collins will perform two semi-composed works relying on ensembles of “hacked” circuits: “Bower Bird.” for battery activated loudspeakers; and “Sleight of Hand” for flesh-controlled portable radios. Both works were created in the “Hardware Hacking” Workshop at Harvetworks.

Leroy Jenkins and Mary Griffin
April 25, 2005
Leroy Jenkins and Mary Griffin will be performing compositions with live video control from “Coincidents” – a new theatre work.

New Data – A Digital Media Arts Exhibition
November 17 – December 10, 2005
Using the internet, interactive installation, sound, film and video, the artists in New Data make art by collecting data – literally and metaphorically.

Robert Lisek & David Stout
November 19, 2005
Zoe Beloff
December 3, 2005
Marc Lafia & Terry Nauheim
December 10, 2005
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