2007 Presentations

2007 New York Electronic Art Festival and 7th International New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference
The New York Electronic Arts Festival was a month-long series of concerts, panels workshops, and presentations centered on the cutting edge work being done at the intersection of art and technology. Featuring artists from Trimpin to They Might Be Giants, the festival drew a huge audience with a wide spectrum of music lovers. At the center of the NYEAF was the seventh annual conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), an international event (previously held at IRCAM in Paris) that brought together the leading musical technologists from around the world. www.nyeaf.org and www.nime.org/2007.

Mari Kimura with Frédéric Bevilacqua
June 11, 2007 at Harvestworks
“Composing for Augmented Violin System: Creative Process and Musical Approach using a gestural interface”  by Mari Kimura (Juilliard School) and Frédéric Bevilacqua (IRCAM). Mari Kimura discussed her creative approach, Max/MSP programming and collaborative effort using IRCAM’s bowing tracking system, “Augmented Violin”.
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Kenseth Armstead and Nurit Bar-Shai
November 2, 2007
Armstead will explain the development of his installation Spook Experiments: A Dialog, as well as describe its various components. Nurit Bar-Shai’s project “Nothing Happens”, is a networked online performance in which viewers work together to make a series of objects tip over.

Christopher Bailey and Mem1 with Liora Belford
November 10, 2007
Christopher Bailey presents his “A Database System for Organizing Musique Concrete.” The database system allows one to catalogue sounds according to a number of musical parameters. Imagining abstract musical gestures, one can then use the system to realize the gestures with different combinations of found sounds. The system itself is programmed in FileMaker and Bailey uses this engine to create musical material that he has manipulated into a composition for 5.1 surround sound.

Sonodendron by Mem1 with Liora Belford is a fully immersive work that explores the sonic potentials of cello and electronics on both the microscopic and macroscopic scale. With a 5.1 Surround Sound score by Mem1 (Laura Thomas-Merino, cello & M. Cera, electronics) and video by media artist Liora Belford, Sonodendron is a visceral tour through the bowels and ephemera of the cello.

Tobias Rosenberger & Elad Shniderman:
Saturday November 17 & Sunday November 18, 2007
Breathing City is a video and sound installation comprising of 4 TV screens and surround sound system. The video screens display an 8 minute cycle depicting urban surroundings, captured by computer controlled robotic cameras, accompanied by a musical composition for 6 breathing voices edited for surround sound. The multitude of elements produces a contrast of unity and multiplicity: the 6 voices unite into a single enfolding sound; the four screens show a single object in different moments in time and from different perspectives, so that the singular disintegrates into a multiplicity. However, the manipulation is performed in temporal succession avoiding repetitiveness. The robotic camera movement contrasts with the human motion, opposing the animate with the inanimate, the city life and the living city.

Oscar De Franco: Works in Progress
Tuesday, December 11, at 7pm
Listen In: Oscar De Franco & Rashaad Newsome. Oscar De Franco worked at Harvestworks for three months as part of our International Internship Program. During his stay he created several works that we are happy to present as part of our Listen In series at Harvestworks.
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