2008 Presentations


Laura Parnes – No Is Yes (1998)

Blender – A Free and Open Source #D Design and Animation Platform
December 19 at Harvestworks
Luke Schantz gave an introductory lecture on 3D design and animation at Harvestworks. The lecture is focused on getting you familiar with the exciting open source software application Blender 3D.

vBrooklyn Video Festival
December 12 & 13 at Polytechnic University, Brooklyn
Harvestworks participated in the vBrooklyn festival, a video festival about Brooklyn as a place and video as an art form. Harvestworks affiliate artist Sean Hagerty performed a new multi-media work.
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Laura Vitale, Amorgos
November 22 & 23 at Harvestworks
Harvestworks presented Amorgos, a new multi-channel sound work by 2008 Harvestworks Van Lier Fellow Laura Vitale. Amorgos is a duet of water and cello in a constructed multi-channel acoustic environment.

Terri Hron, Bird on a Wire
November 10 at Harvestworks
Canadian recorder player Terri Hron performs Bird On a Wire for recorder and electronics in the Harvestworks presentation room.

Harvestworks 30th Anniversary Benefit Party
October 16, at Galapagos Art Space
Harvestworks celebrated its 30th anniversary with a performance and benefit featuring The Notekillers with special guest Shelley Hirsch,Fair Use Trio, Glomag featuring CHiKA, Pamela Z, Benton-C Bainbridge and Bobby Previte: Dialed In, Val-Inc, and MC Ned Sublette.

Max Abeles
October 10-12 at Harvestworks
The  Brooklyn based artist and former Harvestworks intern presented seven new Max/MSP driven sound sculptures. Using audio controlled LED arrays embedded in organically shaped cast resin, Max Abeles ‘ work explores the intersection of technology and the body.

Plasticity + Dan Iglesia
October 6 at Harvestworks
Robert Madler , under his Plasticity moniker, will be demonstrating music created with custom patches created in Reaktor and Max/MSP.Dan Iglesia takes video by Placticity and tunrs it into a anaaglyph (3D glasses) live video performance.

NMNN Quartet
October 3 at Harvestworks
The premiere performance of  NMNN, a sound art quartet founded by 4 distinguished practitioners of extraordinary music synthesis:Derek MortonFrank RothkammPer Svensson and Hans Tammen.

Video Art Festival #003: Near Sighted, Far Out
September 24-26 at Harvestworks
The 3rd Video Art Festival organized by Harvestworks featured an assortment of works that broadly deal with the notion of façade/exteriority and artifice in architecture, the human body, identity, relationships and dreams. 
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Thomas Ankersmit
Wednesday September 17 at Harvestworks
Dutch composer and saxophonist Thomas Ankersmit performed a solo concert using a Serge modular synthesizer, computers, analogue tape decks, saxophone, and a set of highly directional loudspeakers. This concert was produced with support from the Dutch consulate. 

Peter Geisselbrecht – Theresienstadt Program
Monday September 15 at Harvestworks
Pianist Peter Geisselbrecht performs excerpts of his famous “Theresienstadt Program” – music by composers who suffered under the nazis or died in the camps.

Sonic Self
Thursday August 28 at the Chelsea Art Museum
Chelsea Art Museum and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center is pleased to present performances from the Sonic Self exhibition with the artists Laure Drogoul , Maximilian Tausend, Hanna Fuhrmann and Derek Frantz, who will present their work, Knitting Jam, Azimuth and Tactile Light Sculptures at the Chelsea Art Museum.

Ximena Diaz and Derek Franz
Thursday July 24 at Harvestworks
2007 and 2008 Artists In Residence Ximena Diaz and Derek Franz presented their works Typologies and DifferentiationsTactile Light Sculptures.

Make Music New York
Saturday June 21 at DeSalvio Playground
Harvestworks participated in the second annual Make Music New York festival with a free concert featuring composers Val-Inc (Val Jeanty) and Joshua Fried, and a special presentation of traditional and contemporary Indonesian Gamelan music performed by theGamelaTron, the world’s first and only fully robotic Gamelan Orchestra. 
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Intern Performance
Friday June 20 at Harvestworks
The diverse program featured new and in-progress works by Harvestworks interns Alia Ormut-Fleishmen, Ben Lacker, John McGill, Kariyana Rich and Erik DeLuca featuring Daniel Blake and friends.

Tres Warren
Friday May 16 at the Emily Harvey Foundation
Artist In Residence Tres Warren’s surround-sound installation Umbra(Tent). Described by the artist as  “a blurred rumination on the hypnosis of disorientation”, the focus of the installation is Untitled(How Many Bread…), a surround-sound audio piece based on a street field recordings and a series of recurring synthesizer loops that unfold through a hazy trajectory that is at once chaotic and meditative.

Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T) Revisited
April 5 and 6 at Stevens Institute of Technology
Exhibition, panel, performance, and films to examine E.A.T.’s historic work in promoting collaborations between artists and engineer.

Harvestworks Inside
March 27-29 at Roulette
A Spring 2008 performance series “Harvestworks Inside”, with three exceptional programs featuring Harvestworks affiliated artists past and present. The artists included were  Living Cinema: Bob Ostertag & Pierre Hébert, mem1 Duo, Messages: Tres Warren & Taketo Shimada with Jeff Perkins, Rebecca Cherry, gReid and Ruen (Vernon Reid and Leon Gruenbaum) and Robert Madler.

Harvestworks at SUNY-Fredonia
Tuesday March 4, Fredonia, NY.
In conjunction with a free interactive music workshop to be held from 3PM to 6PM, Harvestworks artists Hans Tammen and Zachary Seldess gave a free concert in Juliet J. Rosch Recital Hall on the campus of SUNY-Fredonia utilizing the MAX/MSP interactive computer-based technologies discussed in the earlier workshop.

John Brattin and Melanie Crean
Monday February 25 at 6:30pm
Listen In;  Filmmaker John Brattin showed the completed version of Eros Is Sick, a twenty-minute Super 8 film on video with Patrick Blumer, Stephen Ward, and Dan Graff. Media artist Melanie Crean discussed her Perception Series Projects, a series of three multi-media works on perception, politics and technology.
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Monique Buzzarté and Leopanar Witlarge
Monday February 4 at 6:30pm
Listen In: Monique Buzzarté performed Subtle Winds (2007), a trombone-based  eight-channel surround sound composition inspired by Buddhist thought. Leopanar Witlarge gave a talk, presentation and performance exploring his virtual acoustic, architectural, functioning living spaces using surround sound, live sound and computer graphics.

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