2012/13 New Works Residencies

The Harvestworks Artist-in-Residence Program is pleased to announce our 2012-2013 recipients. The recipients are commissioned to create a new work in the Harvestworks Studios and Lab Workspace. The applications were reviewed by music curator and sound designer Phillip White, visual art curator April Hunt and new media curator Kathy Brew with support from Harvestworks Director and New York Electronic Art Festival Producer Carol Parkinson.

New Works Residencies

Suzanne Thorpe will be composing Phloq, an immersive and sensorial multi-channel work that explores field recordings and pattern data generated by the sound array created by a flock of birds taking off for flight. Through working with Pauline Oliveros and practicing the philosophy of Deep Listening, Suzanne has been inspired to add this environmental element to her work. Suzanne is a musician and composer who extends her practice with an ever-evolving set-up of analogue and digital software components. She has worked with many other artists as an improviser, and has performed at various venues throughout the US and Canada.

Lori Napoleonunder the guise Meridian7, will create a multi-channel sound composition to bring original telephone equipment back to a life of patching signals, by transforming her found objects into modular synthesizers and analog sequencers. Lori is inspired by the sound, culture, and history of early telephony and takes specific interest in the work generated by a subculture of audio explorers called phone phreaks. The project will be featured in a film called “I Dream of Wires: The Modular Synthesizer Documentary”, which is being directed by Robert Fantinatto. Lori describes herself as an artist who integrates science and technology into her work. Since graduating from NYU’s ITP Master’s program in 2009, she has shown her work at various experimental music festivals and presented her works to science students.


Jakob Dwight will be developing a gaming experience/performance called N’Chi: Visions of a New World, which will allow users to act as new nations on an imaginary planet where they will compose and participate in an on-going sci-fi narrative, both online and in the real world. It will be part online gaming experience, and part performance with an art-making component. In addition to the project’s game-play aspect, N’Chi will develop an online e-journal, radio station, and a lecture series. After completing several years of college in Florida, Jakob came to New York in 2005 to study with the Art Students League. He has had residencies in the US and Germany, and has shown his work in NY, Los Angeles, GA, Austria, and Germany.

Adam Kendall will be working on Toys’ Opera, a small, universe of serially-controlled HO trains, models, and cameras that are visually and sonically integrated with live and pre-recorded multi-channel audio and video. He will compose a new visual and audio operetta for singer, speaker, and cellist. Adam is a videographer and musician based in Brooklyn. He has also been an instructor and event organizer for various groups including Harvestworks, the vBrooklyn video festival, and the Video Composition Workshop.

Abigail Child will create a 16mm feature length experimental film and digital installation. Acknowledged as a pioneer in montage, she will continue to address the interplay between sound and image in her project/first part of a trilogy A SHAPE OF ERROR: Part 1. of Heroines. The project will construct imaginary home movies that retell the lives of Percy Bysshe Shelley and his second wife Mary Wollstonecraft. The work will play with the borders between digital technology and film and different points of view in order to disarm narrative and discover a dialogic visual conversation. Child’s film will feature music by the acclaimed composer Zeena Parkins. It has previewed at the 2012 Rotterdam Film Festival, in the Netherlands. Abigail has been at the forefront of experimental writing and media since the 1980s, having completed more than thirty film/video works & installations and written 6 books.

Daniel Temkin, inspired by the Robot Psychics of India, Temkin plans to build retro-style robot sculptures specially designed to interact with public spaces in New York City. What could a psychic robot offer to New York City? His interactive sculptures will deliver perplexing advice and advertise venues that don’t exist. They will blend street performance with sculpture as they interact with people in the confusion of a Midtown crowd. Daniel Temkin has a MFA in Advanced Photographic Studes; International Center of Photography / Bard College.

For information on the Robot Psychics of India: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/discoblog/2012/02/03/here-listen-to-my-underpants-the-robot-psychics-of-india/

Juraj Kojs will create A-touch De-touch, an experimental interdisciplinary work that develops the metaphor of prosthesis as a vehicle for expressing our attachment to and detachment from the world. Eight performers (4 Spider and 4 Ant characters) will build an ecosystem that engages audience members in tactile interactions through analog and digital body extensions such as kitchen utensils, tennis rackets, violin bows, wireless cameras, Wii game controllers, iPads and iPhones. The project will be premiered in a black box theater in Miami in the spring 2012. Juraj Kojs is a Slovakian composer, performer, multimedia artist, producer, researcher and educator living in the US. He is the director of Foundation for Music Technologies (FETA) in Miami, FL.

Lauren Petty will create a piece that is part video installation and part live performance.  Her work will explore the malleable conception of the self in an era of cyber communication. Keep Your Electric Eye Onfinds an isolated woman dwelling in an otherworldly landscape.  She is revealed to be a spectral guide: somewhere between mythological figure, cosmic explorer and messianic rock star: able to navigate both time and space. Throughout the work, the performer will modify herself, both live and on video, by embodying a variety of personas, moods, physical attributes, and movement styles. The work will engage notions of loneliness, paranoia, hysteria, and the desire for the unattainable. Upon its completion, “Keep Your Electric Eye On Me” will have a full-scale theatrical showing at the HERE Arts Center (most likely in 2014). Lauren Petty and collaborator Shaun Irons are Brooklyn-based media artists who make multiple-screen installations, single-channel works, documentaries and video scores for live performance.

Morton Subotnick will create a new composition for the Buchla 200e called Song and Dance where he speaks and sings into his Buchla 200e synthesizer and the amplitude shape of his voice becomes a control voltage that activates the Buchla ‘patch’ as well as transforming his voice. The premiere performance was presented with visuals by Sue.C at the Schimmel Theater in partnership with River to River Festival.

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Residency

Rachel Mason‘s new body of work presents a nonlinear play based on several fictional characters she is developing in tandem with a new body of sculpture. The project will take a variety of forms- a series of videos, live performance and public interventions exploring human psychosis through rock songs. Mason most recently completed a musical feature film, “The Lives of Hamilton Fish” and she is a resident at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

Mason has written three operas, recorded ten full length albums of songs, and has toured, screened films, exhibited sculpture, video and performance at galleries and museums internationally. She often collaborates with other musicians, dancers, actors, and other artists to realize large scale multi-media experimental works. She has exhibited and performed at the Queens Museum, Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art, School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Henry Gallery in Seattle, James Gallery at CUNY, University Art Museum in Buffalo, Sculpture Center, Hessel Museum of Art at Bard and Occidental College, Kunsthalle Zurich, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, The New Museum,  Park Avenue Armory, Art in General, La Mama, Galapagos, Dixon Place, and Empac Center for Performance in Troy among other venues. www.rachelannmason.com

Educational Scholarships

Educational scholarships were awarded to:

Bernd Klug, Julie Covello, Amy Ruhl, Jacqueline Gordon and Matthew Underwood.

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