2016 New Works Residencies

Harvestworks announces the 2016 New Works Residents

The Harvestworks Artist-in-Residence Program is pleased to announce our 2016 recipients. The recipients are commissioned to create a new work in the Harvestworks TEAM (Technology, Engineering, Art and Music) Lab. The applications were reviewed by media artist Angie Eng, curator Kelani Nichole with support from Harvestworks Director and New York Electronic Art Festival Producer Carol Parkinson.

Daniel Fishkin: Composing the Tinnitus Suite

Composer, sound artist, and instrument builder Daniel Fishkin has studied with renowned artists and performed as a soloist with the American Symphony Orchestra. Daniel received his MA at Wesleyan College and currently teaches an analog synthesis course at Bard College. daniel


I hear ringing in my ears as a result of exposure to loud noises. Hearing damage is a birthright for experimental musicians, but most artists just try to ignore it. I let my tinnitus inspire me, and compose as a direct response to my condition. To accompany my tinnitus, I invented a system of tensioned twenty-foot long piano wires activated by mixer feedback—lady’s harp—which, when installed onto walls, turns a room into a mechanical model of the inner-ear.


Shelley Hirsch is an award winning, critically acclaimed vocalist, composer, and storyteller whose solo compositions, staged multimedia works, improvisations, radio plays, surround sound pieces, installations and collaborations have been produced and presented in concert halls, clubs, festivals, theaters, museums, galleries and on radio, film and television on five continents. She has received awards. fellowships, grants and residencies from Creative Capital, NYFA, NYSCA, Mary Flagler Carey Trust, NEA and AIRS from the DAAD, Yaddo, Montalvo Arts Center and many more.


BookBarkSkinLine is an electro acoustic 5.1 surround sound work for 5 singers and two musicians exploring the words sonically, etymologically, associatively I will also write live on stage and these words will be projected real time and be part of a cuing system. It will be a real mixture of composed and improvised elements.


Faith Holland is an interdisciplinary artist and curator whose practice focuses on gender and sexuality’s relationship to the Internet. She received her BA in Media Studies at Vassar College and her MFA in Photography, Video, and faithRelated Media at the School of Visual Arts. Her work has been exhibited both locally and internationally as well as featured in The Sunday Times UK, Artforum, and other well known publications. Faith was a 2014 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship Finalist in Digital/Electronic Art. She also had her first solo show at Transfer Gallery in 2015.


Speculative Fetish consists of multimedia works that consider the bodily ways that we use everyday technological devices and the libidinal implications of caressing screens all day. The works will include modified devices, embedded videos, and works that are physically and visually interactive. The works will emphasize the touch and tactility of phones, tablets, laptops and other personal devices.

G.H. Hovagimyan/Rhys Chatham/Raphaele Shirley : 3by3by3

G.H. Hovagimyan is an experimental artist working in a variety of forms.  His work ranges from new media and hypertext works to digital performance art, video art, photography and interactive installations. His work has been showcased and a part of collections in many museums and festivals, including The Whitney Museum, MOMA, The New Museum and more.

Rhys Chatham is a composer/performer from NY currently living in Paris. Having played in the groups of Tony Conrad and La Monte Young during the early seventies, his current projects include his orchestras of 100-200 electric guitars as well as his smaller Guitar Trio configuration.

Raphaele Shirley is a french/american multi-media visual artist working in NYC and having shown her work nationally and internationally in Museums, galleries and public spaces.. Employing diverse mediums such as neon, LED,laser, water, mist, sound, traditional materials and occasional pyrotechnics in her sculptural works, she creates site specific perceptual spaces where interactivity is key.

 3by3by3: 2016

The work is an interactive immersive performance. Rhys Chatham plays solo or with a combo in his signature minimalist style. Rapahele Shirley creates site specific light sculptures and G.H. Hovagimyan controls the lights via a custom interface using gestural recognition. G.H. responds to Rhys’s music via his gestures which control Shirley’s lights. The audience is all around or views the work from a platform above the players.

Richard Jochum: Crossword Project

Richard Jochum is a post-conceptual sculptor and media artist whose art work is based in a variety of media, including video, photography and installation, and has been exhibited domestically and internationally in more than 100 group and solo exhibitions. He received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Vienna (Austria) and an MFA in Sculpture and Media Art from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (Austria). His most recent solo exhibition is currently on display in Traismauer/Austria (Fine Art Galerie) with upcoming solo exhibitions at Peekskill (WCC Digital Media Arts Center) and at the Gallery Bundo (South-Korea) in Spring 2017.


Interactive Crossword Project 2016

The Crossword Project was developed as a video animation built in Cinema 4D and shown at the Filmmuseum in Frankfurt in Spring 2015 and as a wall painting at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York in Summer 2015. The work comes out of my fascination with the ubiquity and relevance of crossword puzzles for popular culture and most importantly the type of questions they address, which are answerable by providing short clues. The knowledge generated through crossword puzzles tends to be prepackaged and memorable. The Crossword Project goes beyond that. The outcome is an array of questions, unanswerable at large, absurdist or rhetorical at times, often exploratory, almost always soliciting responses that won’t fit into a rubric or short word. I will spend my time as a creative resident at Harvestworks T.E.A.M. lab to develop an interactive version of the project. The goal is to make the piece become a site-specific public art project that can be altered, expanded, and accessed by large audiences.

Okkyung Lee: AIR PROJECT

Okkyung Lee, a New York-based artist and South Korea native, has created a body of work blurring genre boundaries through collaborations and compositions while pushing the limitation of contemporary cello performance Okkyungtechniques. Her music draws from noise and extended techniques, jazz, Western classical, and Korean traditional and popular music. She has released more than 20 albums including the latest solo record Ghil produced by Lasse Marhaug on Editions Mego/Ideologic Organ.


My dream is to develop a full evening length of solo performance incorporating cello, lighting design while really utilizing the spatial relationships between the sound sources and the space and the audience. (Eventually I’ll be adding videos but that will have to developed after this stage).

Thessia Machado: Measures

Thessia Machado is a visual/sound artist and instrument builder. Her work investigates the physicality of sound and its effect on our perception of space.

As an extension of this practice, and under the moniker link, she performs electronic and electro-acoustic experimental music with hand-made and modified instruments.

Thessia’s installations and video pieces have been exhibited in New York, London, Philadelphia, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Berlin and Athens, She has participated in several residencies worldwide and is a recipient of fellowships from the American Academy in Berlin (upcoming), the New York Foundation for the Arts, Experimental Television Center and The Bronx Museum. She recently participated in the exhibition Curious Sound Objects at the Boston Cyberarts Gallery.

Measures: 2016Thessia

Measures (working title) is: A song object, an immersive installation, a playable sculptural instrument.

From found materials and an assortment of components – DC motors, a servo motor, cell phone vibration motors, Measures buzzes and taps and excites a bass string, while a built-in analog synth with an octave divider provides oscillators interacting in sonic bliss.

Measures is site-adaptable, expandable and programmable. Once developed it can be made available to other composers and as its own self-contained mini orchestra for jamming with other musicians.



Zibuokle Martinaityte:  “Vanishing Lands” (M-Islands)

Recently named by WQXR a “textural magician”, Lithuanian-born composer Žibuokle Martinaityte has a growing reputation for her innovative chamber and orchestral music. She studied composition at the Lithuanian Music Academy and had commissions with MATA festival, Barlow Endowment and won the “Look&Listen” ComposersZibuokle Competition Prize (NYC). Her music has been performed by the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (Canada), the Smith Quartet (UK), ERGO Ensemble (Canada), The Orchestra of Mons Royal Conservatoire (Belgium), the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra and others.

“Vanishing Lands” (M-Islands): 2016

Zibuokle Martinaityte will create a music score for pre-recorded instruments and True Rosaschi will work with the electronic music component of this project. Both will be equally involved in designing the shape of the audio installation, researching and acquiring video footage of the Marshall Islands, executing 3D mapping projections and making other visual decisions.

Alfredo Salazar-Caro: DiMoDa Part 2

Alfredo Salazar-Caro’s work exist at the intersection of Portraiture/Self-Portraiture, installation, Virtual Reality, Video and Sculpture. His work has been exhibited in cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Caracas(Venezuela), Shiraz (Iran) and Mexico City among others and has been featured in publications such as Leonardo, Anti-Utopias, Art F City and The Creators Project. He Lives and works betweenAlfredo Mexico City, New York, Chicago and the Internet.

DiMoDa Part 2: 2016

The Digital Museum of Digital Art (DiMoDA) is a VR platform for the Display, Distribution and Preservation of Contemporary Digital Art Works. For Harvestworks, I’d like to develop the second exhibition of DiMoDA which will open in summer 2016.

Christina Wheeler: THE MAGICAL GARDEN

Vocalist, multi-instrumental, electronic musician and composer Christina Wheeler’s musical explorations have included forays in techno, house, 2-step, drum and bass, breakbeat, soul, dance hall, dub, world music, ambient, free jazz and improvisational forms. She has worked with many artists including David Byrne, Chris Whitley, and Jamie Lidell and performed at Central Park Summerstage, Bowery Ballroom, The Late Show with David Letterman, and Christinaother prestigious venues. A native of Los Angeles, California, Ms. Wheeler is a graduate of Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges and Manhattan School of Music.


The Magical Garden, a five-part, multimedia performance/generative installation project, uses audio, video, and an LED light installation to present a multi-episodic, fantasy-narrative in an organic setting for audiences of all ages. Within a technological context, a fantastic narrative follows five creatures trapped in a mythic garden searching for freedom. Multimedia creates the garden’s magic with modern technology, in a performance and a generative installation that recombines this material.


Technical Scholarships were awarded to Maria Chavez, Dina Kelberman, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, Anna Pasztor and Aaron Sherwood.


Workspace Resident

Wolfgang Gil, a Harvestworks Workspace resident, explores sound as a plastic medium, crafting sonic events that can be expanded, compressed, and twisted; filling, narrowing, dividing, coloring, saturating, and emptying the space of listening. 

Honorary Resident

PAUL D.MILLER (aka DJ SPOOKY) is a composer, renowned multimedia artist and writer whose work immerses audiences in a blend of genres, global culture, and environmental and social issues. Miller has been traveling around India recently to work on his latest project, “The Heart of a River” which will showcase the new XTH Sense, a unique biocreative instrument. With the collaboration of Heidi Boisvert and Marco Donnarumma, co-founders at XTH, Miller will explore ideas about art and data and bring those ideas to different logical extremes. He is joined by choreographer Jody Sperling, whose body gestures will generate electronic tones and visuals based on muscle sounds and motion data captured by the XTH Sense.

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