Audio Master Class: Recording Techniques for Home Studios

In this workshop as part of our Audio Master Class series presented together with Electronic Music Foundation (EMF), Omid Bürgin’s “Recording Studio Design” is built on sound acoustical principles, such as early and late reflections, initial delay gap, RT60 and its spectrum, and overall balancing the spectrum to make it sound flat. It also covers basic listening techniques and if time permits, includes some mixing/mastering secrets.

Class 3: Recording Techniques For Home Studios
Omid Bürgin
Presented together with Electronic Music Foundation (EMF) –
Tues, Sept 20, 6pm – 10pm

“Recording Techniques For The Home Studio” focuses on the principles of recording techniques, demonstrating that an apartment or house has many more acoustical possibilities than a professional recording studio. The students will learn how to make professional sounding recordings in their homes, integrating Microphone Techniques with acoustic principles. The students will learn, through illustrated examples, how to take advantage of the acoustics of their bedrooms, closets, bathrooms. Even kitchen sinks and refrigerators will be covered! It will integrate basic Microphone Techniques with some production techniques, such as re-amping.Target group: this workshop was conceived as a do-it- yourself workshop for musicians, recording engineers and music producers, but will be equally interesting for Studio owners, architects and civil engineers.

Methodology: The workshop will first elaborate simple comprehensive concepts. Only after a thorough understanding of these concept we will venture into a deeper ‘working-level’, where formulas and tables are introduced. These should be easily grasped, as none of them will surpass basic primary school mathematics. The workshop will include original designs by the famous OMiD international audio academy, Brazil, which will be elaborated in class. As a bonus, the participants will receive original blueprints, in order to make their own Absorbers and Diffusers, using simple construction materials.

Omid Bürgin: Swiss born Recording Engineer, Music Producer and Acoustician operates a very successful Acoustic Firm, Recording Studio and Recording School in Sao Paulo Brazil. His teachings, projects and productions, reflects his many years of Studio Experience in Los Angeles, where he worked as a musical producer, sound engineer, composer and film music production supervisor.

Author of several acoustic designs for medium and large-sized studios, auditoriums and churches, Omid has gained solid credibility in the Music Industry. Constantly updated on the latest market trends and researches, his projects embrace the experience acquired outside Brazil, while being creatively tailored to the Brazilian scenario. Omid has lectured acoustic, audio and music production courses for many world- class schools, such as UCLA Extension, Musician’s Institute (MI – Hollywood), Santa Marcelina and University of Sao Paulo (USP). Today, Omid divides his time between his own Acoustic Design Firm and Recording Studios and his international lectures and workshops at respected Institutions, such as New York University (NYU), Harvestworks, Hamburg University, Tischmeyer, among others. Omid has received many industry awards and commissions along his career, such as Electronic Arts Research Institute (LA) and Freunde der Guten Musik (Berlin) and had compositions performed internationally by the Kronos Quartet. He has participated in many multimedia and multi-cultural events at the Center of the Performing Arts, Los Angeles, and at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. He holds a Master of Composition by the University of California, Los Angeles, with a specialty in Ethnomusicology and World Music Traditions.

His workshop were given sucessfully at Harvestworks, NYU, SAE-NY, Tischmeyer- Hamburg among others.

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