[Aug 31 – Oct 21] Lemon Bomb Face (#2): I Win Well by Andrea DeFelice

Lemon Bomb Face is an ongoing series of mechanized light paintings where words are hidden and revealed by two types of light: ultraviolet and daylight. I Win Well is part 2 of the series. The linear-motion mechanism carries a dual light fixture back and forth across the face of a mounted board. Text is painted on the board with UV pigment, applied with customized 3D-printed rubber stamps. The light fixture creates a vertical division across the board, revealing the text as the UV light illuminates the fluorescence bi-product, and the daylight conceals it.

Artworks and Experiences Exhibition

Governors Island, Nolan Park, Building 8a

Saturdays, Sundays and Holiday Mondays noon-5pm thru October 21, 2018

CANCELLED DUE TO BAD WEATHER:  Oct. 21 @ 3 pm Meet the Artist


This work is inspired by my interest in how information is hidden and revealed, edited and leaked. It’s a response to how information, whether it’s learned or simply just flowing at you, shapes our perceptions of what it defines. It comments on the ability it has to be meaningful or equally meaningless, pithy, and instantly non-existent. The text is designed on the stamps to print a certain word, phrase, or part of a document. Words are arranged as such to be fragmented, twisting their form, making repeating statements and/or questions, and imitating the visible positive/negative space boundaries created by redacted documents (found online). Choices for the text are inspired from sources deemed “questionable”, such as Donald Trump’s twitter feed, some email scams, Fox news, etc. They’re chosen from caustic political discourse, headline speak with ambivalent meanings, and the incontinent feed of information we’re left to decode as it comes at us. The two light tubes run continuously back and forth, displaying an ongoing hide and show of the static words.

Andréa DeFelice was born in New York and currently live/works in Brooklyn. She received her MFA in sculpture/installation from Queens College, and is faculty of the Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. Her work has shown in various forms as performances, installation, screenings, and in part of collaborative and public intervention projects. Exhibition venues include The Austrian Cultural Forum, The Invisible Dog, The Parlour Bushwick, and Momenta Art. She’s exhibited internationally in galleries and alternative spaces including Periferic 8 Biennial for Contemporary Art: Art As Gift, in Iași, Romania; LEAP (Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance), in Berlin; It’s The Political Economy, Stupid, Contemporary Art Center in Thessaloniki, Greece; and Hotspots, at Hafnarborg in Hafnarfjördur, Iceland. She’s participated in several artist and engineering residencies in Europe and in the US, including Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York, and Hafnarborg: Hafnarfjördur Centre of Culture & Fine Art in Iceland.






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